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March 20, 2008

While Books Are Banned...

Posted by admin

These past two weeks there have been some "interesting" revelations about politicians and sex. It got me to thinking about what kids have learned about sex from politicians by reading the newspaper, listening to the news and looking at even the home page of most news sites over the past decade or so:

President Clinton --- oral sex.
Governor Spitzer --- sex with prostitutes.
Senator Larry Craig --- how to pick up men in bathrooms.
Governor McGreevey (and his wife) --- threesomes.
Governor Patterson (and his wife) --- both had affairs.

I then think about books that are banned in schools and libraries.

And how each book in school is carefully reviewed for content.

And how a children's book with the word "scrotum" in it caused such an uproar last year.

Just something to ponder: the dichotomy of it.