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Archives - February 2011

February 1, 2011

A fashion is nothing but an induced epidemic.

– George Bernard Shaw

February 2, 2011

Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much.

– Oscar Wilde

February 3, 2011

There is nothing like the razor sharp tongue of a good friend to
cut through the lies we tell ourselves.

– Laura Moncur

February 4, 2011

Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking
what nobody has thought.

– Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, “Irving Good,” THE SCIENTIST SPECULATES

February 5, 2011

The worst thing of all is standing by when folks are doing
something wrong.

– Kirby Larson, HATTIE BIG SKY

February 6, 2011

Be a good listener. Your ears will never get you in trouble.

– Frank Tyger

February 7, 2011

The best defense against misguided arrogance is a keen sense of

– Kathryn L. Nelson, PEMBERLEY MANOR

February 8, 2011

The great enemy of clear language is insincerity. When there is a
gap between one's real and one's declared aims, one turns as it
were instinctively to long words and exhausted idioms, like a
cuttlefish spurting out ink.

– George Orwell, “Politics and the English Language”

February 9, 2011

Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; but
remember that what you now have was once among the things you only
hoped for.

– Epicurus

February 10, 2011

The problem is never how to get new, innovative thoughts into your
mind, but how to get old ones out. Every mind is a building filled
with archaic furniture. Clean out a corner of your mind and
creativity will instantly fill it.

– Dee Hock

February 11, 2011

It's choice --- not chance --- that determines your destiny.

– Jean Nidetch

February 12, 2011

The probability that we may fail in the struggle ought not to deter
us from the support of a cause we believe to be just.

– Abraham Lincoln

February 13, 2011

Love is lost, life can burn,
But your luck will return,
But if you’re dragging it down you won’t know it’s there

– Mika, "Pick Up Off the Floor"

February 14, 2011

Never pretend to a love which you do not actually feel, for love is
not ours to command.

– Alan Watts

February 15, 2011

People often say that “beauty is in the eye of the
beholder,” and I say that the most liberating thing about
beauty is realizing that you are the beholder. This empowers us to
find beauty in places where others have not dared to look,
including inside ourselves.

– Salma Hayek

February 16, 2011

Let your light shine. Shine within you so that it can shine on
someone else. Let your light shine.

– Oprah Winfrey, O Magazine, January 2004

February 17, 2011

Don't worry about people stealing an idea. If it's original, you
will have to ram it down their throats.

– Howard Aiken

February 18, 2011

Learning is not compulsory...neither is survival.

– W. Edwards Deming

February 19, 2011

Nothing amuses me more than the easy manner with which everybody
settles the abundance of those who have a great deal less than


February 20, 2011

The best way to become acquainted with a subject is to write a book
about it.

– Benjamin Disraeli

February 21, 2011

When the president decides something on Monday, he still believes
it on Wednesday…no matter what happened Tuesday.

– Stephen Colbert

February 22, 2011

In executing the duties of my present important station, I can
promise nothing but purity of intentions, and, in carrying these
into effect, fidelity and diligence.

– George Washington

February 23, 2011

To fear love is to fear life, and those who fear life are already
three parts dead.

– Bertrand Russell, MARRIAGE AND MORALS

February 24, 2011

In the attitude of silence the soul finds the path in a clearer
light, and what is elusive and deceptive resolves itself into
crystal clearness. Our life is a long and arduous quest after

– Mahatma Gandhi

February 25, 2011

Don't waste yourself in rejection, nor bark against the bad, but
chant the beauty of the good.

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

February 26, 2011

You're supposed to trust friends. You have no reason to be his
friend? That is part of the pleasure of friendship: trusting
without absolute evidence and then being rewarded for that

– David Shore, “House M.D.”

February 27, 2011

Humility is the embarrassment you feel when you tell people how
wonderful you are.

– Laurence J. Peter

February 28, 2011

An onion can make people cry, but there has never been a vegetable
invented to make them laugh.

– Will Rogers