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Books on Screen

Each month, our Books on Screen feature spotlights movies, television shows, miniseries and specials that are based on books of various genres --- including novels, memoirs, comics, children's books, short stories and poetry --- along with the latest DVD releases.

November 2014

The weather outside might be getting colder, but the Oscar race is just warming up! Can you feel it? No? Maybe you should be seeing more movies (or, at the very least, spending more time skimming entertainment blogs)!

October 2014

What’s the difference between the month of October and a Peter Jackson movie? October doesn’t go on forever! Which is unfortunate, but necessary, as it brings us one month closer to Oscars season. And by the invariable mathematics of Hollywood: Oscar-hopeful movies>movies. So grab a pumpkin spice latte (and then carefully tuck it into your jacket so it doesn’t get confiscated by a ticket taker), and head out to see some books on screen!

September 2014

We’re on the wrong side of Labor Day, which means it’s time to put away your summer sunglasses and break out your fall shades. It also means serious moviegoers are in luck; days aren’t the only things getting darker! Much like post-J. Lo Ben Affleck, September movies are starting to take themselves seriously --- a welcome change after a summer that offered us fare that was little better than Gigli. So toss your 3D specs and check out these fall books on screen.

August 2014

There’s been a lot of grumbling lately about the lack of original material making its way around Hollywood. But with all these exciting book adaptations coming out, it’s hard to get too upset about it! Sure, originality seems to be in shorter supply out there than it should be, but the creative energy that goes into adapting some of our favorite books is nothing short of astounding. Although we could all probably live with one less James Franco pet project.

July 2014

You’re up, summer blockbuster fans! It’s the movie season you’ve been waiting for, when movies get bigger and louder --- and hit harder than a Huffington Post article! Jokes aside, it’s a great month to hunker down in a cool theater or crank up your AC and check out some of the latest books on screen.

June 2014

Summer is here --- the sun is out, the weather is warmer and schools are letting out. June is the perfect time to take a book to the park and relax in the warmth, but it’s also a great time to retreat into the cool dark of a theater and watch one of many summer blockbusters. Quite a few of those movies this month are books on screen.

May 2014

Here we are in May, and spring has finally sprung. The evidence is everywhere around us --- the grass has begun to grow green and thick again , and those tulips you planted last season are finally proving that they are indeed perennial and, despite your best efforts, you didn’t kill them with neglect last summer. This spring, we’ve heard, will be rough on allergy sufferers, but fear not! If the pollen keeps you house-bound, there’s plenty of books on screen to keep you occupied.

April 2014

We made it through the winter, and we’re finally looking at some vaguely spring-like weather, which means two things: that outside is not just a hellish state you have to bear to get from one warm room to another, and that “Game of Thrones” is finally back. So put your heavy coats in storage because spring is coming, and so are plenty of great books on screen!

March 2014

Alright, alright, alright! We’ve made it through the awards season, filled to the swag bag brim with all the Hollywood goodies we’ve come to expect --- including memorable acceptance speeches, both gracious and loopy; an endearing Jennifer Lawrence mishap; a Meryl Streep nomination, if not a win; some incredible red carpet fashion (I’m looking at you, Can’t-Miss Cate); and, of course, a celebration of some pretty outstanding movies. March is the calm after the storm, so to speak, where we get some of the edgier hits (Spring Breakers, anyone?) in theaters, while the award contenders become available on DVD.

February 2014

February means a lot of things to a lot of different people. For the movie industry, it means cashing in on our mid-month obsession with all things L-O-V-E. And for those of us who keep our wary Valentine’s distance, there’s plenty to see on TV (or to load up on your DVR for post-Olympics binge-watching on February 24th). Let's just say if channel surfing were an Olympic sport, I’d be draped in stars and stripes and gleaming gold medals.