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Books on Screen

Each month, our Books on Screen feature spotlights movies, television shows, miniseries and specials that are based on books of various genres --- including novels, memoirs, comics, children's books, short stories and poetry --- along with the latest DVD releases.

September 2015

All you Books on Screen devotees who were hoping for a 3D Joseph Gordon-Levitt doing an iffy French accent, well, you fished your wish this month! Congratulations! And those of you who were holding out for Tom Hardy doing Russian, see: Child 44.

August 2015

We’re entering the dog days of summer, Books on Screen readers. What does that mean for us? I’m not sure! And judging from August’s batch of releases, I’d bet the studios aren’t either. Let’s talk about it!

July 2015

‘Tis the season…for sun-soaked blockbusters, sweet and sour superheroes, and thunderous sound effects. It’s also the time when we get those more somber summer movies, the kind that hum along gently and are as quietly refreshing as air conditioning on a mid-July day. Unless your unit is as loud as mine, in which case the metaphor is moot --- unlike my AC. Still with me? Here are this month’s books on screen!

June 2015

Hold on to your butts! June is here, and, like the dinosaurs in Jurassic World, movies this month are bigger, faster and full of strange sound effects. As it turns out --- in a plot twist so predictable it could be straight out of Jurassic Park III --- the rest of our books on screen happen to be a more genteel bunch. Cue the classical music, Spielberg!

May 2015

I have a serious question about April showers: Wouldn’t it make more sense to take showers in a hotter month, like July or August? Just a thought for 2016. Luckily, it’s still only May, and there are plenty of Books on Screen to watch in air-conditioned rooms!

April 2015

Hello, Books on Screen lovers! We all know it’s officially spring because Hollywood is already hyping its summer movies. But before all the boom and bluster of the hot-weather blockbusters hit theaters, we can sit back, relax and enjoy April’s simpler offerings. Oh yeah, and “Game of Thrones.”

March 2015

Well, loyal Books on Screen readers, we’ve made it through another awards season and are one more entertainment year wiser.

February 2015

Breaking news: Love is no longer the aggresive, beating heart of February! Or at least you wouldn’t know that it is just by considering the movies coming out this month. Whereas in past Februarys (Februaries?), we cinephiles have been bombarded with all manner of romantic films --- comedies, dramas, classics and otherwise --- this year Hollywood seems to have given us a much-needed break. So unless you consider Fifty Shades of Grey a love story for the ages (no judgment), there is neither a lovestruck heroine nor a grand romantic gesture in sight. It looks like we dodged a heart-shaped bullet this least until March!

January 2015

Warm winter greetings, Books on Screen lovers! And while warm might be looking like a frozen pipe dream as we gear up for the chillier winter months, we at the very least can distract ourselves with the season’s various award shows --- broadcast from the only warm physical place on the planet right now: Hollywood! Or, if you need more immediate relief, just Google “Channing Tatum in a tux.”

December 2014

Between the Sony hack and cheesy award bait, movie magic seems harder to come by this holiday season. Fortunately, we have a great roundup of books on screen to keep you spellbound until the new year!