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Books on Screen

Each month, our Books on Screen feature spotlights movies, television shows, miniseries and specials that are based on books of various genres --- including novels, memoirs, comics, children's books, short stories and poetry --- along with the latest DVD releases.

January 2014

Happy New Year, Books on Screen lovers! We’re starting 2014 off strong. While awards season kicks into full gear this month, movies take a bit of a breather from the intensity of the past few weeks. Theaters may be short on the more serious Oscar bait, but there are plenty of high-octane thrillers heating up the screens this frosty winter. Snow money? Snow problem! If you’re stuck inside this month, there’s plenty to see on TV, including a highly anticipated cult-classic adaptation and the return of a whole bunch of vampires.

December 2013

Thanksgiving marked the official start of the holiday season, which means we won’t be short on cheer or great movies and television shows to watch this month. Much like the chicken and the egg, we don’t know which came first, but quality entertainment and holiday spirit certainly have always had a long, happy and interdependent relationship. So, as with our spiral hams, let’s dig right in and unravel this month’s books on screen.

November 2013

It goes without saying that the closer we get to the holiday season, the more we can expect from our film studios and television networks. Now that Halloween is but a spooky memory and winter is in the air, moviegoers can look forward to plenty of quality entertainment this month. From hotly anticipated blockbusters (I’m lookin’ at you, Catching Fire) to smaller films with some seriously literary pedigrees, there’s something for everyone on screen in November.

October 2013

Put on your tweed jacket and Gregory Peck glasses, because it's October and we're getting serious! The drama is non-stop, on screens both big and small. Sometimes it's hard to decide between reading a good book and watching a thought-provoking movie or TV show. But with so many incredible books on screen to choose from this month, it's a win-win situation. 

September 2013

Love fall blockbusters or hate 'em, September is an exciting month in theaters and on small screens. It's a great time for the more under-the-radar films --- we're cooling down from all the summer action, and awards season competition hasn't heated up quite yet. And TV is back in a big way, with the premieres of two new shows and the series finale of a much-loved (and soon-to-be-missed) drama. With all that's going on, you will NOT want to miss these books on screen!

August 2013

It seems we made it through the heat of July and will be rewarded with a cooler August (although you won't catch me holding my slightly-less-scorching breath). But while things are cooling down offscreen, we can look forward to some hot end-of-summer releases this month --- and I'm not just talking about the Bret Easton Ellis-penned The Canyons. 

July 2013

July is the month when things really start to heat up. So stop pounding that scorching hot pavement and get into your local movie theater to enjoy some AC and books on screen!

The Lone Ranger is adventure-packed family fare, starring the ever-wackier Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer. If you still haven’t forgiven Hammer for his double-trouble role as the cringe-inducingly smarmy Winklevoss twins in The Social Network, then check out Red 2 instead. This much-anticipated sequel picks up right where our all-star ensemble cast left off, and promises more action, entertainment and laughs than the first. All you sci-fi enthusiasts out there, we haven’t forgotten you! Hugh Jackman puts his singing and dancing on hold and returns this summer as The Wolverine --- proving once again the age-old Hollywood adage: If the franchise ain’t broke…

June 2013

With summer blossoming before us, now is the time to sit back, relax, and enjoy all the wonderful movies, TV shows and DVDs that will be coming your way in June. World War Z starring Brad Pitt is a must-see, and the book on which it is based is a hot and enticing read. Meanwhile, Shakespeare's classic comedy is given a contemporary spin in Joss Whedon's feature film, Much Ado About Nothing. Perhaps Man of Steel will be enough entertainment this month, but so could the classic comics that serve as the movie’s inspiration.

May 2013

We all know that The Great Gatsby will be coming to theaters this month. But there are a number of other films releasing in May that you may want to check out, including Iron Man 3, The Iceman, Epic and Shadow Dancer. If you want to stay inside and need some options for TV viewing, try Behind the Candelabra, which premieres May 26th on HBO, or pop in a DVD of Jack Reacher, Safe Haven, or Cloud Atlas.

April 2013

With winter weather finally showing signs of letting up and spring firmly taking charge, April will be a good month to stay outside a little longer to stargaze. However, the night sky isn't the only place you're going to see stars this month. With movies such as The Company You Keep, Pain & Gain and The Reluctant Fundamentalist featuring plenty of big names, including Robert Redford, Susan Sarandon, Mark Wahlberg and Kate Hudson, you will see plenty of stars on the silver screen, too.