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Critical Praise

“An… exciting thriller with a paranormal twist.”
   --- Publishers Weekly (on THE DEVIL’S ELIXIR)

“Khoury’s screenwriting experience is evident in the easily visualized action scenes.”
   --- Library Journal (on THE DEVIL’S ELIXIR)

“Khoury’s novel features age old mysteries that play out in a modern setting,”
   --– The New York Times (on THE LAST TEMPLAR)

“Khoury’s thrillers engage the reader’s mind, even as they move at a breakneck pace.”
   ---Booklist, starred review (on THE SIGN)

“Khoury’s background as a screenwriter shows. He is especially adept at action scenes. His expertly chosen verbs cause the scenes to leap from the page. You can literally feel the blows as they’re landed; wince as the bullets find their marks. He has an intense brand of storytelling all his own.”
   --– Steve Berry, New York Times bestselling author (on THE SIGN)

“Sublime narrative…From the earliest pages, when we learn of Tess’s abduction at the hands of an Iranian zealot to the climax 400 pages later, the action and the intrigue never cease. The result is a full-throttle action-adventure thriller wrapped in a political cautionary tale with a gratifyingly eloquent center.”
   --- Library Journal (on THE TEMPLAR SALVATION)

“Khoury’s entertaining sequel to THE LAST TEMPLAR (2006)…The constant suspense, ever-mounting body count, and interesting historical lore will keep readers turning the pages.”  
   ---Publishers Weekly (on THE TEMPLAR SALVATION)

“…Very well constructed blend of historical mystery and present-day thriller…there’s no denying [Khoury]’s got the storytelling chops and the imagination to spin an exciting yarn. Fans of his earlier novels, especially this one’s predecessor, will eat this one up.”
   --- Booklist (on THE TEMPLAR SALVATION)

“What’s the next DA VINCI CODE? To satisfy your historical-thriller cravings until Dan Brown’s next novel, read THE LAST TEMPLAR by Raymond Khoury --- as suspenseful, and with a female lead.”  
   --- Glamour (on THE LAST TEMPLAR)