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Nowhere Safe

Romantic Suspense Author Spotlight

Nowhere Safe

Who’s more frightening: a sexual predator or a vigilante hell bent on making them atone --- in blood? Detective September Rafferty finds herself drawn into a harrowing and deeply personal case, and this time there are no innocents --- only the one who kills, and those condemned to die.

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Nowhere Safe
by Nancy Bush


Alison from El Cajon, CA
Barbara from Essex, CT
Bee from Muncie, IN
Bridget from Belleville, NJ
Carrie from Post Falls, ID
Cindy from Mesa, AZ
Cynthia from Newton, NH
Debra from Medina, OH
Elizabeth from Bloomingdale, IL
Emily from Edmond, OK
Gloria from Brooklyn, NY
Janet from Gatlinburg, TN
Kathy from Gardena, CA
Laura from Marlboro, MA
Leisa from Panama City, FL
Linda from Aurora, CO
Linda from Ravenna, MI
Liza from Wilmette, IL
Margaret from Spring Lake, MI
Mary from Keokuk, IA
Sallie from Folsom, PA
Samantha from Ypsilanti, MI
Sharon from Sarasota, FL
Tara from Lake Havasu City, AZ
Valerie from Secaucus, NJ