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Deadly Intent The Mindhunters, Book 4


Deadly Intent The Mindhunters, Book 4

Macy Reid has never completely recovered from the childhood
abduction she experienced in South America when she was young.
While she has managed to make a successful life for herself, the
specter of her helplessness in the past continues to haunt her
today. Now she's involved in a case involving another child
abduction, and it's getting harder and harder to suppress the
feelings and memories of her own terrifying experience.

In her position as an investigator with Raiker Forensics, Macy has
been called in to use her abilities to interpret and analyze all
oral and written communications from the kidnapper and from those
who were in the vicinity of little Ellie Mulder at the time she
went missing. Eleven-year-old Ellie is the daughter of Denver,
Colorado tycoon Stephen Mulder and his wife, Althea. Kidnapped once
before from a birthday party when she was nine, Ellie was missing
for 22 months before she was found. Now it's two years later, and
she's been taken again. It's impossible to think that fate could be
so cruel, but after all she has seen, Macy can certainly believe
that people could be.

While it's all that Macy can do to keep it together in light of her
past, she now has the added challenge of having to work closely
with Kellan Burke. The arrogant man annoys and antagonizes her in
every possible way. Unfortunately, he also excites and attracts
her, not that she would ever admit it (and certainly not to him).
Of course, it probably wasn't hard for him to guess, due to the
fact that she stupidly had a one-night stand with him several
months ago.

As much as she wishes it, Kellan is not going to disappear anytime
soon. He was crucial to locating Ellie two years ago, and Ellie's
parents are adamant that he is involved in bringing her back again.
Besides, in spite of her personal feelings, Ellie knows that Kellan
is the man for the job. Against the wishes of the Mulder family,
law enforcement has been brought in as well. Instead of working
with the investigators from Raiker Investigations, the Colorado
Bureau of Investigations does their best to keep them out of the
loop, but Kellan isn't one to let that continue for long.

The twist is that the culprit responsible for Ellie's disappearance
before is safely behind bars. So who has orchestrated the near
impossible feat of kidnapping her for the second time? Suspicion,
as it always does, falls on family and close friends, as well as
any enemies a rich man like Stephen Mulder surely has. No one is
off-limits when it comes to adding them to the list of
suspects. Working on a tight deadline, with Ellie's life at
stake, Macy and Kellan must join forces and work together. While
they may put their personal differences aside, it's impossible to
ignore the fiery attraction that illuminates their every
interaction. Will they catch a potential killer in time, or will
they die trying?

DEADLY INTENT --- the fourth installment in The
series --- starts in the middle of the action, and
the pace never lets up through the end of the book. Author Kylie
Brant maintains the awareness in her readers that Ellie's life is
in danger and that one wrong move could push a psycho over the edge
and into doing something they will all regret. I guarantee you
won't be able to outwit her and guess the culprit as you race
toward the end of the book.

Macy Reid is a lovable, sympathetic and intelligent heroine with
believable strengths and weaknesses, and Kellan Burke is a hero no
woman would turn down. The way he needles Macy shows his sense of
humor, but in the next moment, his smoldering desire takes
precedence. He's a man any woman would feel safe from danger with,
except the danger that he himself poses.

Reviewed by Amie Taylor on January 5, 2011

Deadly Intent The Mindhunters, Book 4
by Kylie Brant

  • Publication Date: November 2, 2010
  • Genres: Fiction, Romantic Suspense
  • Paperback: 384 pages
  • Publisher: Berkley
  • ISBN-10: 0425238539
  • ISBN-13: 9780425238530