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I Let You Go Bets On...

I Let You Go

May 2016

I read I LET YOU GO by Clare Mackintosh in a day, and boy is it good. Psychological thrillers are so courant, and endlessly compared to this one or that one. You all know what I mean. I LET YOU GO is not to be compared. It has set a new standard with a twist that I did not see coming. When you hit it, the entire narrative shifts. Just brilliant.

At the start, a young single mother is walking her five-year-old son home from school. He darts into the road and is killed by a driver who speeds away. A full-press investigation is ordered to find the driver. Gradually the story of the mother and son emerge, and the killer is doggedly tracked by Detective Inspector Ray Stevens and a young Detective Constable, Kate Evans. The case goes cold until a clue opens it wide open again.

Clare knows her subject well as she is a retired British law enforcer; the details are so on point!

This is a tough book to talk about as I want to give nothing away; I want the reader to enjoy the discovery of it as I did. Thus I leave you with “read it” and be joyful that there is a book that holds up to all its hype.

I Let You Go
by Clare Mackintosh