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20 Coloring Books for Adults: Inky Adventures, Stress Relievers, Mandalas and More

Coloring books have been growing in popularity lately, and they’re not just for kids. Many of them, such as SECRET GARDEN and THE MINDFULNESS COLORING BOOK, have been designed especially for busy, stressed-out grown-ups who find the calming routine of working on sophisticated, beautifully crafted coloring books to be a welcome break from their hectic, everyday lives. Partially due to adult coloring book pages being featured on sites like Pinterest and partially due to the ease with which people can purchase them online, coloring books are increasingly in vogue with adults who feel the need to unplug and treat themselves to a form of art therapy that can be as simple and pleasing as choosing the perfect shade of blue.

Tibetan monks have long been in the practice of creating mandalas. With brilliantly colored sands, they work day after day, laboring over intricate designs, lacing the colors through each other and building slowly outwards in a beautiful, meditative design. As soon as the design is completed --- after weeks or months of work --- they wipe it all away (you may have seen this on season three of "House of Cards“ on Netflix). Mandalas and many other designs now have begun showing up in adult coloring books.

Take a look at our bookshelf for a selection of gorgeous adult coloring books, some of which came from suggestions from our readers. Whether you’re after a break from your everyday routine, an opportunity for meditation Tibetan monk-style, or simply to have fun and feel like a kid again, we bet there’s something there for you. Also, as an added bonus, check out COLOR YOUR YEAR WALL CALENDAR 2016: Mindful Coloring Through the Seasons (releasing September 1st) for something beautiful to hang on your wall all year long.

And if you need some art supply suggestions, we got 'em! Click here to see a roundup of colored pencils, fine-tip markers, gel pens and more, which will get you started on your new hobby in no time.

Curated by Tom Donadio and Isabel DaSilva

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