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Passion for Coloring: What to Color With?

Adult coloring books are the hottest new trend, inside and outside the publishing industry. All of the recent hype has us reminiscing back to our youth when we were coloring with the simple Crayola eight-pack, which included the primary colors and just a few more. While coloring temporarily left our everyday routine for the past few years, it never left our hearts. And we couldn't be more excited that it's back. We might even say it's better than ever. Plus, we're no longer coloring on thick, smudge-inducing and grainy paper. These days, the paper is slick, crisp and oh-so-inviting to express our inner Picasso.

We've always said that pen and paper go together like peas and carrots. So to cater to your coloring book needs, we've rounded up the greatest creative utensils on the market today. Featuring a variety of mediums, from colored pencils to gel pens and back to the basics with Crayola, we have you colorfully covered with a list that is mindful of all your different budgets. See below to see what you need now, and take a look at our coloring books roundup "20 Coloring Books for Adults: Inky Adventures, Stress Relievers, Mandalas and More" here.


Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils, 150 Count
If you are looking to make the new trend of coloring books your "thing," then there is no reason not to splurge on this gorgeous 150-pack. What color isn't included? We don't even know! The price tag will definitely set you back at roughly $116, but you will have the most vibrant, bold and stunning pictures on the doubt about it!

Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils, 48 Count
Prismacolor is one of the most notable colored pencil brands in the art business. The colors are beautiful and wide-ranging, and the pigment is rich and long-lasting. They are perfect for blending, if that's your sort of thing. While you may be paying a pretty penny, a steep $50, we guarantee you won't regret it. The Prismacolor packs come in a variety of sizes, smaller and larger, but we're confident that 48 is sure to suffice.


Faber-Castell PolyChromos Artist Colored Pencils in a Metal Tin, 24 Count
Faber-Castell Colored Pencils are light-wearing, waterproof and non-smudging. This particular 24 count comes in an easily-transportable metal tin. These are really for the simple yet organized artist who is a coloring-book beginner. The super high-quality colored pencils are oil-based, a little transparent, and have the touch and feel of a regular No. 2. The cost? About $42.


Ohuhu Art Colored Pencils, 48 Count
Ohuhu Art Colored Pencils are the no-frills approach to the colored pencils market. They are made of recycled wood and are non-toxic, which makes them environmentally friendly --- key for an ecoconscious artist out there. One setback: they do not come in a convenient carrying case, so you'd have to fashion one of your own. The 48 count costs roughly $28.


US Art Supply® Colored Pencils, 50 Count
These colored pencils are for the casual, beginner artist. Don't get us wrong --- this a perfectly abundant set, but one that focuses on quantity over quality. The 50-count set "comes in a reusable plastic case that snaps closed and has a carry handle." These are a cost-effective choice for $30.


Prismacolor Verithin Colored Pencils, 36 Count
Ah, another Prismacolor collection! The difference between these and the Premier ones featured above? These have very hard and thin leads, which makes it easier for intricate design work. They are perfect for lettering and outlining as they can be sharpened to a very, very fine point. The pigment is highly saturated for an intense pop of color. For the 36 count, you'll pay roughly $27.



Prismacolor Watercolor Colored Pencils, 24 Count
If you're looking to work with multiple mediums, then look no further as the color in these pencils are most vibrant when mixed with watercolors. Once again, Prismacolor does not disappoint at an economical $22 for a pack of 24.



Crayola Twistables Colored Pencils, 30 Count
Watch out because your children/grandchildren will be stealing these behind your back! Crayola is the tried and true of all your art instruments, past and present. With no sharpening required and a "clear vinyl pouch for reusable storage," these are a no-fail, super affordable option at only $11!


Crayola Twistables Colored Pencils, 18 Count
If you like to keep things super simple and don't need quite as many as 30, then this option is best for you. Crayola reigns again with $8 for a pack of 18.



Crayola Mini Twistables Special Effects Crayons, 24 Count
This pack is the best of all the Crayola worlds. Not only are these twistables mini-sized, which is great for traveling, but they are special effects. Translation? Your pictures are going to be jazzed up like no one else's. Between metallic, neon and rainbow, you'll have a hard time choosing what to use. These are super special with a super special price of only $6.


Staedtler Triplus Fine Liner Pens, 30 Count
Colored pencils and crayons aren't for everyone. Sometimes a good fine liner pen is all you need. If that's true for you, then these will do just fine. With a nice selection of colors, these pens are "non-smudging, water-based ink which is formulated to sustain a long cap-off time." A pack of 30 will cost you around $35.



Plinrise Fine Liner Drawing Pens, 24 Count
These pens come in a handy clear case, which is only one of many reasons to love them. They have a very fine tip, which is ideal for small detail and outlining work. They are incredibly affordable at $20 for a pack of 24.



Pentel Color Pens, 36 Count
While these pens are considered fine tip, they are not as slim as a typical fine tip pen. So these are perfect when you need to color a larger space rather than using it for detailing or more intricate work. A super perk: they are said to have a very long shelf life. The 36-pack costs around $17.


Fiskars Gel Pens, 48 Count
These are some of the most official gel pens on the market these days. They work on both light and dark paper, and come in a great selection of colors, which even includes neon, glitter, metallic and two colors swirled together. At the budget-friendly price of $20 for 48, you can't go wrong.




Gel Pens, 60 Count
If you're really looking for the best bang for your buck with gel pens, these are the ones for you. This pack includes 60 pens at a wild bargain of only $25.



Should you, heaven forbid, make a teensy-weensy little error on your masterpiece, don't worry. The Prismacolor Kneaded Rubber Design Eraser will fix it for only $3.