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Holly Chamberlin


Holly Chamberlin

Holly Chamberlin lives in Portland, Maine, with her husband Stephen, an architect and photographer, and their amazingly cute cats Jack and Betty. When not writing, Holly enjoys reading, hosting friends and family at their restored Victorian home, going out to hear friends play jazz and blues, working on scrapbooks, and making beaded jewelry.

Books by Holly Chamberlin

by Lisa Jackson, Elizabeth Bass, Mary Carter, and Holly Chamberlin - Fiction, Romance

Join Lisa Jackson, Elizabeth Bass, Mary Carter and Holly Chamberlin for stories that will get you in the mood for summer --- and romance. It's all about sun-filled days, warm nights, and the sweet expectation that comes with finding --- or rediscovering --- love.

by Holly Chamberlin - Fiction

Louise Bessire and her daughter, Isobel, are both anticipating an exciting summer. Louise is hosting an important wedding that could make her business. Isobel is looking forward to writing her style and fashion blog and getting to know charming nineteen-year-old Jeff Otten. But as the wedding draws closer, mother and daughter must find the courage to overcome unexpected challenges through the strength of their shared bond.

by Lisa Jackson, Cathy Lamb, Holly Chamberlin, and Rosalind Noonan - Romance

A heart-wrenching anthology that explores the topic of lost loves and the magical qualities of unexpected second chances. In each story, the author proves that with a resilient spirit, love never truly dies—and, in fact, can be sweeter the second time around.

by Holly Chamberlin - Fiction

Over the course of one eventful summer, nine-year-old native Mainer Delphine Crandall and Maggie Weldon, a privileged girl "from away," become best friends.

by Holly Chamberlin

The little beach house has a rickety porch and no closets, but the location is unbeatable --- close to a gorgeous shoreline and the best nightlife on Martha's Vineyard.

by Holly Chamberlin - Fiction

Faced with losing that inheritance, Tilda and all the McQueens must reconcile their past, confront their futures --- and learn how to love one another even when it means forging a life apart.