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Elizabeth Bass


Elizabeth Bass

Elizabeth Bass grew up the youngest of four siblings in rural Texas, where she spent summers watching old movies and dreaming of living in a town big enough to have an Icee machine. She now resides in Montreal with her husband.

Elizabeth Bass

Books by Elizabeth Bass

by Lisa Jackson, Elizabeth Bass, Mary Carter, and Holly Chamberlin - Fiction, Romance

Join Lisa Jackson, Elizabeth Bass, Mary Carter and Holly Chamberlin for stories that will get you in the mood for summer --- and romance. It's all about sun-filled days, warm nights, and the sweet expectation that comes with finding --- or rediscovering --- love.

by Elizabeth Bass - Fiction

The death of Bev’s estranged sister, Diana, leaves her in a maelstrom of remorse. She longs to provide a stable home for Diana’s 14-year-old daughter, Alabama. All Alabama knows about Aunt Bev is what her mother told her --- and none of it was good. In desperation, Alabama sets out to find her late father’s family. Instead she learns of the complicated history between her mother and aunt, and how guilt can shut down a life.