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Critical Praise

"Her story is about how people, by bonding together, can transcend tragedy and loss with love, tolerance, and humor. Recommended for all fiction collections."

——Library Journal

"Hamilton is exquisitely observant and unfailingly generous to the characters she creates: every life has weight and dignity."

——Kirkus Reviews

"In her fifth and most transfixing and psychologically prismatic novel to date, Hamilton's signature motifs take on new resonance and mystery as she creates perplexing familial relationships complicated by war. Hamilton has never written more finely nuanced or beguiling prose, imagined more fascinating characters, or posed more provocative moral dilemmas. In each surprising permutation, Hamilton offers fresh perspectives on the puzzles of time, memory, and consciousness, and keenly gauges the many shades of guilt and audacity, grief and sacrifice, tenacity and goodness."

——Booklist (starred)