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True Believer


True Believer

Prepare for a thrilling journey into the world of spooks and spies.

Lieutenant Commander James Reece had a fine career as a Navy SEAL. Then a mission went very wrong, and he suspects corrupt politicians were behind it. His wife and child were among the casualties, as was his health. When Reece found undeniable proof, he went vigilante in revenge. As TRUE BELIEVER opens, he has set sail on a stolen boat in a stormy sea. Reece has little to lose, so he will take whatever fate decides to toss his way. The man doesn’t really care anymore.

Ultimately, Reece lands in Mozambique, where he calls upon an old friend who runs a game reserve. It seems like the perfect place for an American with a price on his head to lay low. And so it is. But only for a while. Just until his past catches up with him, as it always does. While Reece has been out of touch, things have grown desperate in the world. A horrible terrorist attack was carried out in London, killing hundreds, and the Americans believe they’re next on the hit list. The CIA has solid intel that more attacks are indeed planned, those on the scale of 9/11.

"TRUE BELIEVER is the real deal here.... Carr’s own experience gives the reader an eye-opening look at the realities of the war on terror and the corruption rampant in government."

If anyone can thwart the terrorists’ plans, it’s James Reece. But Reece is comfortable in Mozambique, at peace with himself and the fact that he will soon join his wife and daughter in the afterlife, so it is going to take one heck of a sales job to convince him to leave.

People come into one’s life who simply mean more than all others. Reece felt that way about his family, naturally. But he also felt that way about one or two of his SEAL buddies. Only a few living beings could persuade him to help out the U.S. government with their problem. The CIA found one of them and sent him to Mozambique to do just that.

Once reluctantly onboard with the job, Reece catches up to speed quickly. He’s already familiar with some of the principal names, and has a fuzzy idea of the bones of their plans. What he and his team don’t know is how extensive the plans are. The people behind the terror have their agendas, based more on power than religion. Reece knows their type. He knows how to deal with them, and he has no qualms about meting out his form of justice. He has seen the motives in their eyes, heard their lies, and felt evil emanating off of them. He will stop them, whatever it takes. The counterterrorism force tracks clues across the globe, each day knowing they are running out of time. Knowing, too, that something doesn’t feel quite right. What are they missing?

TRUE BELIEVER is the real deal here. Author Jack Carr spent a lot of time as a Navy SEAL sniper himself, so he knows the job, the politics and the dealings firsthand. His life inside the SEALs lends authenticity to his main character and Reece’s team. Carr’s own experience gives the reader an eye-opening look at the realities of the war on terror and the corruption rampant in government. Not to be missed!

Reviewed by Kate Ayers on August 2, 2019

True Believer
by Jack Carr