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Colum McCann, author of TransAtlantic

As he did in LET THE GREAT WORLD SPIN, Colum McCann uses real-life events in TRANSATLANTIC to frame a larger story, this one a tale of four generations of women. From Alcock and Brown’s historic flight from Newfoundland to County Galway, to a young Frederick Douglass’s visit to Ireland, and George Mitchell’s efforts to broker peace in Northern Ireland, McCann covers 170 years of U.S.-Irish history to tell a riveting story of parents and children.

Week of May 19, 2014

Releases for the week of May 19th include TRANSATLANTIC by Colum McCann, a profound meditation on identity and history in a wide world that grows somehow smaller and more wondrous with each passing year; HIDDEN ORDER, a new Scot Harvath thriller from Brad Thor and the follow-up to BLACK LIST; and Patti Callahan Henry's ninth novel, AND THEN I FOUND YOU, in which she travels back to a painful time in her own family's history to explore the limits of courage and the price of a selfless act.