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Week of July 3, 2023

Paperback releases for the week of July 3rd include FREEDOM, an intricately crafted and thought-provoking book from Sebastian Junger, who examines the tension that lies at the heart of what it means to be human; RAISING LAZARUS, Beth Macy's account of everyday heroes fighting on the front lines of the overdose crisis, which is by turns harrowing and heartening, infuriating and inspiring; THE DISPLACEMENTS by Bruce Holsinger, an adrenaline-fueled story of lives upended and transformed by an unprecedented catastrophe; David Joy's WHEN THESE MOUNTAINS BURN, a fierce and tender tale of a father, an addict, a lawman and the explosive events that come to unite them; and the paperback original HER, TOO, an addictively readable thriller from Bonnie Kistler, in which a high-powered lawyer learns firsthand the terrible truth about her client, who is an accused rapist --- a discovery that propels her on a quest for justice and revenge.