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The Reef


The Reef

What do you get when you combine the following --- two sunken
Spanish galleons, a priceless but cursed necklace, a brilliant,
beautiful, engaging young woman, and a proud, handsome and
independent man? Romance and betrayal. Betrayal and murder. An evil

Nora Roberts' latest novel, THE REEF, takes readers on a treasure
hunt filled with treachery, murder, and fortunes that are won and

Marine archaeologist Tate Beaumont and her scholarly parents dive
for buried treasure in pursuit of historical knowledge and the
preservation of artifacts for future generations. When Tate's
father says he knows the location of at least one of two
treasure-laden old Spanish galleons, he decides to search for it.
Joining him are Matthew and Buck Lassiter, an uncle and nephew who
have bounced around from treasure hunt to treasure hunt for most of
their lives.

Matt lost his father in a suspicious accident when they were diving
for "Angelique's Curse," a priceless ruby and diamond necklace.
Though the official report blamed the death on equipment failure,
Matt knew that wasn't what killed his father. Even as an 11
year-old, he knew how to check out diving equipment. And he had
checked his father's thoroughly. He only blamed one person --- the
expedition's backer, Silas VanDyke, a wealthy man obsessed with the
necklace. Matt is determined to settle the score and his desire for
vengeance rules every decision he makes.

When Tate and Matthew start working together searching for the
galleons, their attraction for each other is as immediate and
tangible as the treasure that lies beneath the sea. They sizzle,
even beneath the water.

Nora Roberts balances romance and suspense beautifully. There is
enough danger to significantly raise the stakes of the novel, and
plenty of romance to keep your heart pounding --- and not from the
danger. Very few authors can intertwine romance and suspense as
well as Roberts. The twists and turns keep you guessing right until
the very last page. Romance and suspense fans alike will happily
sink into THE REEF.

Reviewed by Jeanny V. House on January 23, 2011

The Reef
by Nora Roberts

  • Publication Date: October 1, 1999
  • Genres: Fiction, Romance
  • Paperback: 448 pages
  • Publisher: Jove
  • ISBN-10: 051512608X
  • ISBN-13: 9780515126082