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The Difference Between You and Me


The Difference Between You and Me

Kathleen DeMarco's second novel, THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN YOU AND ME, tells in alternating chapters the tales of Josephine O'Leary and Carla Trousse (rhymes with grouse). Josephine is a tough-as-nails, blond producer wannabe with a perfectly toned body. She left her husband, Mike, on the same day he was diagnosed with testicular cancer. Carla is a recent transfer from New York City to California (the roof of her apartment caved in and she took that as a sign to move) and seems to be the polar opposite of Josie. Carla is overweight, has no real hairstyle and wears high-top sneakers to fancy restaurants.

After a few not-so-stellar meetings through their mutual friend Nadine, Carla and Josie begin working together at NJTF, a movie production company. Carla wants to observe Josie's piranha qualities so she can learn how to survive in Hollywood, while Josie wants to weasel her way into Carla's good graces, thanks to a stunning secret Carla learns from her aunt Paulette. Will these two women eventually find common ground and become friends, or are they destined to be rivals?

DeMarco's two main characters are fleshed out well, as are her supporting characters. Even though Josie can be a cold witch at times, readers will still be drawn to her and care about what happens to her. When writer Joshua steps on Josie's heart, we feel badly for her. Carla's honesty can be a bit harsh at times, but readers will easily recognize what a good heart she really has. Supporting characters like Eve, Henry and Joshua are interesting. Eve is an executive at the production company who is leading a secret life as a bestselling author. Henry is a movie star who is also the head of the production company and has a surprise connection to one of the characters. Joshua is the seemingly innocent and sweet screenplay writer who has a darker side, as Josie finds out the hard way.

As you're reading this book, you'll also notice that many of the characters are connected in some way. For example, Josie's ex-husband Mike begins dating Eve. Eve is the ex-girlfriend of David. David is the man who Carla thought for sure was her soul mate. Carla is studying Josie. See how they're all related?

DeMarco has written a seemingly realistic portrayal of Hollywood and the backstabbing that occurs behind the scenes, but she also shows that not everyone is determined to sell their friends to the highest bidder. DeMarco knows the lingo of the industry and appears to have a good inside track of the workings in Hollywood. THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN YOU AND ME is witty, humorous, and fast-paced. Once you start reading it, you will immediately become hooked!

Reviewed by Melissa A. Martin on June 25, 2003

The Difference Between You and Me
by Kathleen DeMarco

  • Publication Date: June 25, 2003
  • Genres: Fiction
  • Hardcover: 336 pages
  • Publisher: Miramax
  • ISBN-10: 1401351913
  • ISBN-13: 9781401351915