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Reading Group Guide

Discussion Questions

The Bride Wore Size 12

1. Years before, Heather’s mother stole all her money and fled the country with Heather’s manager, Ricardo…but now she’s back and wants to reconnect with her daughter. Do you think Heather should forgive her mother? Has a close friend or family member ever betrayed you? If so, how did you deal with it? Did you forgive and forget?

2. Heather’s boss, Lisa, discovers she has gotten accidentally pregnant even though she and her husband did not plan on having kids. She is excited—and terrified—nonetheless. If you have children, how did you feel when you found out you were pregnant? If not, how do you think you or your significant other would react to the news?

3. Cooper’s sister, Nicole, takes it upon herself to invite extra people to Heather and Cooper’s wedding because she feels the guest list is “unbalanced” in favor of the groom, and that Heather needs to make amends with her estranged mother. What would you do if someone invited guests you had not asked yourself to your wedding?

4. Heather’s wedding planner, Perry, refuses to return their calls after Heather has to cancel an appointment with her. Would you ever use a wedding planner to organize your special day? What would you do if you couldn’t get ahold of your wedding planner that close to your wedding?

5. Two people in the book are keeping their relationship a secret. But Heather discovers the truth. Have you ever had a secret relationship? Why did it have to be a secret? If not, how hard do you think it would be to keep your relationship a secret from the world?

6. One character's social media habits prove deadly. In this day and age, anything and everything can end up on the Internet. Do you post on social media websites regularly? How do you decide what is safe to post and what should remain private? Have you ever or someone you know ever had embarrassing or incriminating personal information shared on the Internet by someone you trusted? How did you or they handle the situation? How do you feel about this kind of “oversharing”?

7. When you encounter as many dangerous criminals as Heather, being able to defend yourself is important! Heather recently learned how to shoot a gun—and is quite good at it—but is uneasy about owning firearms or keeping them in the house. Do you know how to shoot a gun? Would you ever own one? Do you think it is important for women to know self defense?

8. Heather wears a tea length wedding dress for her big day. What kind of wedding dress did you wear? If you’re not married, what would your dream wedding dress look like? Princess, mermaid, tea length, ball gown, sheath…? Or do you think it would be easier, looking back, simply to elope? And how do you feel about the new trend to “trash the dress” afterwards?

The Bride Wore Size 12
by Meg Cabot

  • Publication Date: September 24, 2013
  • Genres: Fiction, Mystery, Suspense
  • Paperback: 400 pages
  • Publisher: William Morrow Paperbacks
  • ISBN-10: 0061734799
  • ISBN-13: 9780061734793