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Week of September 5, 2016

Paperback releases for the week of September 5th include THE 14th COLONY by Steve Berry, a Cotton Malone thriller that poses the intriguing question: What happens if both the president and vice-president-elect die before taking the oath of office?; THE BITTER SEASON, in which Detective Nikki Liska and her old partner, Sam Kovac, take on multiple twisted cases as author Tami Hoag explores a murder from the past, a murder from the present, and a life that was never meant to be; BLACK MAN IN A WHITE COAT, Dr. Damon Tweedy's passionate and profound memoir of his experience grappling with race, bias and the unique health problems of black Americans; and SISTERS IN LAW by Linda Hirshman, the fascinating story of the intertwined lives of Sandra Day O’Connor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the first and second women to serve as Supreme Court justices.