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Scott Turow, author of Suspect

For as long as Lucia Gomez has been the police chief in the city of Highland Isle, near Kindle County, she has known that any woman in law enforcement must walk a precarious line between authority and camaraderie to gain respect. She has maintained a spotless reputation --- until now. Three male police officers have accused her of soliciting sex in exchange for promotions to higher ranks. With few people left who she can trust, Chief Gomez turns to an old friend, Rik Dudek, to act as her attorney in the federal grand jury investigation, insisting to Rik that the accusations against her are part of an ugly smear campaign designed to destroy her career and empower her enemies --- both outside the police force and within.

Week of July 24, 2023

Paperback releases for the week of July 24th include SUSPECT by Scott Turow, a riveting legal thriller in which a reckless private detective is embroiled in a fraught police scandal; ENCORE IN DEATH, the 56th installment in J. D. Robb's captivating series that marks the return of Lieutenant Eve Dallas, the homicide cop with a passion for justice; Alice Feeney's DAISY DARKER, a delightfully twisty and atmospheric locked-room mystery in which a family reunion leads to murder; REPUTATION, a breathless psychological thriller from Sarah Vaughan about a politician whose less-than-perfect personal life is thrust into the spotlight when a body is discovered in her home; THE EXTRAORDINARY LIFE OF AN ORDINARY MAN, the raw, candid, unvarnished memoir of iconic actor Paul Newman, who covers his traumatic childhood; his career; his drinking; his greatest roles; acting; his intimate life with Joanne Woodward; and his innermost fears, passions and joys; and the paperback original THE HOLLYWOOD JINX by Sariah Wilson, a fun, flirty novel in which the scene is set for an unpredictable romance when Hollywood comes to small-town Ohio.