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Someone Like Me


Someone Like Me

Under normal circumstances, Liz Kendall isn’t a violent person. Even though she stayed in a marriage with a husband who abused her, she did so for the kids’ sake. However, when the situation became intolerable, she filed for divorce and got custody of her two children. Things are tense between Liz and her ex, but it isn’t anything she can’t handle, until one night when he tries to choke her. Liz discovers a force inside of her that she didn’t know existed and fights back.

What happens next surprises her. Liz realizes that this force is someone who looks like her physically but has a totally different personality. It is somewhat akin to having multiple personalities, but not quite. This other self, who calls herself Beth, is able to fully inhabit Liz’s body and gain control of her life. The result is devastating.

"If you like science fiction mixed with drama and suspense, I am betting you will enjoy this story immensely."

Before completely losing herself to Beth, Liz goes to see a shrink thinking she needs psychiatric help. There she meets Fran, who turns out to be a kindred spirit of sorts. Can Liz find some way to stop Beth before it is too late?

SOMEONE LIKE ME is certainly an interesting read, with many plot twists and turns, but it wasn’t what I expected after looking at the publisher’s brief blurb. The novel goes beyond that of someone with a multiple personality disorder, taking it to a whole new level. If you like science fiction mixed with drama and suspense, I am betting you will enjoy this story immensely.

Although I wasn’t too satisfied with the conclusion, which I thought left some loose ends hanging, overall the novel is a winner and kept me intrigued right up until the final pages. While I await M. R. Carey’s next book, I will have to explore some of his previous titles, including the million-copy bestseller THE GIRL WITH ALL THE GIFTS.

Reviewed by Christine M. Irvin on November 16, 2018

Someone Like Me
by M. R. Carey