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Serpent's Dance


Serpent's Dance

When I received a request to review SERPENT'S DANCE by Larry
Brooks, my moral warning light went on because it was hailed as an
"erotic thriller." I abhor censorship but I do try to use some
discretion about what I put into my own mind. While being painfully
aware of the levels of wickedness we humans are capable of
perpetrating on one another, I usually avoid reading about it for
entertainment. And, though I enjoy the occasional romance with its
happy and predictable ending, I try to avoid books that glamorize
perversion. Granted, some will consider that judgmental but we make
discretionary decisions every day, so there you go.

Having said all of that, I agreed to do the review. The eroticism
and depravity were there but did not continue interminably, making
you want to shout, " OK, I get it already!" --- a tribute to the
excellent writing style of the author. Larry Brooks has had about
six other careers, but I think he has found the one that will carry
him to fame and fortune. His eye for detail is accurate and takes
in just enough to give the reader a clear picture without ever
getting tedious. And for readers in his home state of Arizona, the
added bonus is "being there", as he captures the essence of
Scottsdale and surrounding areas. His characters are well defined
and their dialogue is easy to hear as the story moves forward. And
I especially appreciated the generous sprinkling of humor that
helped to lighten even the darkest spots.

SERPENT'S DANCE suggests both "serpents" and "dances" on many
levels: corporate, relational, sexual, physical and psychological.
The implications for those involved in these dances are every bit
as dangerous as you might expect. Brooks weaves an intricate web of
seduction, violence and revenge, but what kept me reading was the
hope for some kind of redemption, for good to prevail, for evil to
fail. There are many surprises and exciting twists in this complex
tale, but they are not contrived and keep the reader in the loop
all the way through.

From the moment that Bernadette Kane decides to go after the
millionaire who she believes killed her sister, to the evil
serpents who involve her in their own twisted games and through the
startling climax, there is never a dull moment. This proves once
again that stepping out of my comfort zone now and then is worth
the risk. And if this genre is your favorite already, by all means
jump on the bandwagon because Larry Brooks is sure to become one of
the biggies.

Serpent's Dance
by Larry Brooks

  • Publication Date: February 4, 2003
  • Genres: Fiction, Thriller
  • Paperback: 464 pages
  • Publisher: Signet
  • ISBN-10: 0451207955
  • ISBN-13: 9780451207951