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Critical Praise

"This eloquent memoir is small in size but huge in emotion. "

—Kirkus Reviews

"This is as frank and honest a depiction of the kind of dilemmas we all might face, in one way or another, as I've ever read--and this book might help prepare you, if or when that time comes. Short, to-the-point, 'real' almost to a fault, Rescuing Jeffrey will move you. It might make you mad, it might make you cry, it might even life your soul--but it will move you. "

—Creative Loafing

"Galli's no-nonsense style renders the family's agony palpable in a way purple prose never could...No parent, no man or woman who's ever been through a life-or-death medical crisis with a loved one will come away from Rescuing Jeffrey dry-eyed. "

—St. Petersburg Times

"Rescuing Jeffrey brings to light some of the most compelling questions of our time concerning medical ethics, religion, and the right to die. Even better, this book portrays a bittersweet triumph of the resilient human spirit. "

—Boulder Weekly

"Galli writes with fierce honesty...As he wrestles with his feelings, he offers an intense contemplation of what makes a life meaningful, and gives readers a written testimony of the depth of a parent's love for his child...In the end, Jeffrey himself finds the will to live, making this absorbing memoir both heartbreaking and life affirming. It is a clear example of how writing the stories of our lives can help us heal. "


"Galli knows that with a story this inherently powerful, less is emphatically more...Through a voice as plain as that of a single-reed instrument, he achieves an emotional resonance that swells with symphonic intensity...a huge story unflinchingly told. "

—The New York Times Book Review

"A book that goes beyond even Tuesdays with Morrie to the emotional core of our very existence, making us confront our fears, our loves, and our dreams in a way we may never have before...This is one of those rare great books that captures the strength of the human spirit and trumpets the quiet dignity of true heroism. "

—The Providence Journal

"Never has this kind of loss been made more poignant than in [this] book. "

—San Antonio Express—News

"This gut-wrenchingly candid likely to arouse controversy and sharply divided reactions...Yet this eloquent story of heartbreak and hope is ultimately life affirming. "

—Publishers Weekly