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Critical Praise

"From the first sentence, the voice of the narrator, Bethany, rings true and never falters. By the end of the book, I cared for every aunt and cousin, mother and sister, even the most troubled and dangerous. PRAYERS AND LIES is the story of a family that knows how to love and forgive and get on with life."

—Drusilla Campbell, author of THE GOOD SISTER

"Through the careful rendering of this dysfunctional family, Emmons makes us fall in love with Bethany Wylie, the young girl at the heart of this story, as well as her wayward cousin, Reana Mae. The evolution of their friendship --- the way they grow together and grow apart --- is heart-breaking."

—T. Greenwood, author of TWO RIVERS

"Prepare to stay up all night reading! Sherri Wood Emmons perfectly captures the devastating impact of family secrets in her beautifully written --- and ultimately hopeful --- debut novel. With its evocative setting and realistically crafted characters, PRAYERS AND LIES is a must read for fans of rich family drama."

—Diane Chamberlain, author of THE LIES WE TOLD

"A sweet, revealing tale of family, friendship, long-held secrets and includes the all-important ingredients of forgiveness and love."


"I loved it."

—Cathy Lamb, author of SUCH A PRETTY FACE