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Passenger 19: A Jammer Davis Thriller


Passenger 19: A Jammer Davis Thriller

Following FLY BY NIGHT (book two in the Jammer Davis series), Ward Larsen offers a forensics course regarding aircraft crashes, but this one is of a personal nature.

Frank “Jammer” Davis is an aircraft accident inspector who is called in to investigate an unimaginable horror. At full capacity, security video depicts 21 passengers boarding a regional airplane in Bogotá, Colombia, with Jammer’s 19-year-old daughter and a young woman of similar age and features being the last to board. “The airplane carrying his daughter had crashed in a jungle, a Jurassic topography.”

"Any Larsen novel is a rocket-ride thriller, with double the G-force of the fighter jets he flew."

Torn between dread and hope, Jammer boards the intact airplane. His daughter, Jennifer, and Kristin Stewart, who bears a striking resemblance, are missing from the craft. Did they parachute to safety? Curiously, their passports and an iPod are in the seatback pouches. Other anomalies are immediately evident. The pilot and co-pilot have been shot in the head, and a third body is in the cockpit, presumably killed by the crash. Moreover, a passenger ahead of where Jennifer sat had been shot.

An attempt on his life causes Jammer to distrust Colombian officials, but why is the US government thwarting his investigation? He undergoes “a tectonic shift in mindset. His assignment in Colombia was no longer about an aircraft accident. It was time for a new approach to finding his daughter.” Jammer calls in the aid of friend Anna Sorensen, a CIA operative. “[I]n terms of scale and intricacy, this plot was in a league of its own.”

Another aircraft figures prominently in the dénouement, as Jammer hastily assembles allies to trek through the jungle on a search-and-rescue mission that features intense action scenes.

Floridian Ward Larsen flew Air Force fighter jets for seven years and attended the U.S. Air Force Flying Safety Officer Course. After a military career, he served as an airline captain. His first of six books, THE PERFECT ASSASSIN, is in pre-production as a motion picture. Any Larsen novel is a rocket-ride thriller, with double the G-force of the fighter jets he flew.

Reviewed by L. Dean Murphy on January 8, 2016

Passenger 19: A Jammer Davis Thriller
by Ward Larsen

  • Publication Date: January 5, 2016
  • Genres: Adventure, Fiction, Suspense, Thriller
  • Hardcover: 368 pages
  • Publisher: Oceanview Publishing
  • ISBN-10: 1608091678
  • ISBN-13: 9781608091676