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One Perfect Spring


One Perfect Spring

Keith Watson is an executive assistant to a philanthropic businessman. His work is his life, and he hasn’t made much time for personal relationships. One day, an unusual letter arrives on his desk from an 11-year-old girl named Haley, asking for his help. She doesn’t want financial aid, but for Keith to find her neighbor’s son, who the woman put up for adoption 21 years ago. Keith initially dismisses the request and intends to respond with a standard rejection letter. But then his boss instructs him to look into it and see if he can, indeed, find this woman’s son. Keith isn’t happy with the task, but doesn’t have much choice, so he reluctantly agrees. He’s not too optimistic for positive results, however, especially because a private investigator has already come up empty.

Claire Summers is a single mom who is struggling to make ends meet, let alone maintain her small home in need of major repairs. She is shocked to learn of her daughter’s bold yet touching attempt to help find her neighbor’s adopted son and is more than a little annoyed when a good-looking man shows up with questions about Haley’s letter. Claire’s marriage was anything but ideal, and it is no surprise that her heart is guarded from believing she’ll ever find true love. But as she gets to know Keith, she finds herself wondering if there is hope for a happy ending after all.

"ONE PERFECT SPRING is a good reminder that, regardless of your past and no matter the circumstances of your present, a promising future is possible. And that is something we all can take to heart."

David McMillan is a philanthropic businessman and former workaholic who realized what is truly important after his wife died, leaving him with regret over all the years he should have spent with his family instead of at the office. He is currently trying to make it up to his daughter for all of the time lost, but she is resistant to his efforts. Because of his new perspective on life, David feels compelled to do what he can for his assistant, Keith, who seems to be following the same career-consumed path. The letter from Haley could be just what Keith needs to unearth appreciation for things with more lasting value than monetary success. What David doesn’t count on is this case changing his own life in an unexpected way.

Maureen Chandler is desperate to locate the son she gave up for adoption 21 years ago, but when a PI fails to turn up any information, she has all but given up. When she learns of Haley’s letter and meets David, her hope is renewed --- not only in finding her son, but in reigniting that passionate corner of her heart she thought was long gone.

Spring is definitely a season of renewal, and ONE PERFECT SPRING treats readers to not one, but two budding love stories. Both are equally endearing, providing a sweet and emotional glimpse at the potential that exists when the heart is open and willing. The adoption theme works well and offers a fresh angle. Author Irene Hannon, while perhaps more well-known for her romantic suspense novels, proves her hand at standard contemporary romance. Hannon’s storytelling is a given, but her ability to tug at the heartstrings is to be commended.

While all of the characters stand out, perhaps the most engaging one is 11-year-old Haley, who brings a sense of vitality and life to this book. Her compassion and enthusiasm to see her elderly neighbor’s dream come true, as well as her animated, honest and straightforward dialogue, truly make the story come alive.

While the plot sometimes seems a little predictable, there is enough emotion to make up for it. Woven throughout are themes of forgiveness, sacrifice and reconciliation. There are even a few moments where tissues might come in handy. If there is one word to sum up this story, it is “hope.” ONE PERFECT SPRING is a good reminder that, regardless of your past and no matter the circumstances of your present, a promising future is possible.

And that is something we all can take to heart.

Reviewed by Lynda Lee Schab on May 25, 2014

One Perfect Spring
by Irene Hannon