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Now You See Her


Now You See Her

Marcy Taggart is in Ireland on her second honeymoon. She happens to be alone, since her husband informed her that he was leaving her for the golf pro at their country club. That hurt, but it's an injury secondary to what broke her heart two years ago: their 21-year-old daughter, Devon, died. Devon's body was never found after her canoe was discovered floating upside down in the river.

Now, as Marcy attends a tour in Cork, her mind wanders. On a break before her tour resumes, she decides to have a cup of tea in a pub. As an extraordinarily handsome young waiter takes her order, a man named Vic Sorvino, another member of the tour, asks if he can join her. He seems pleasant enough. Their conversation is interrupted by Marcy's phone; her sister, Judith, is calling her. As Marcy talks, defending her decision to go alone on what was to be her second honeymoon, she sees someone through the window. The shocking sight causes her to jump to her feet. She just saw her daughter! Devon is alive, Marcy realizes. She is here, in Ireland, the country her father always promised to take her to visit.

Marcy races from the pub, chasing the young woman who must be her own child. But the street is filled with tourists and drizzly with rain. She can't find her. When Judith, still on the phone, insists that the girl can't be Devon, Marcy tells her to go to hell and tosses the phone in the river. She continues to chase the elusive figure.

When she gives up --- just temporarily --- she's amazed to see Vic, concerned and helpful, appear. The last thing Marcy wants is a romantic entanglement, but she can't help noticing what a sympathetic and attractive man he is. It hardly matters, though. Nothing does except finding her daughter, who is miraculously alive. There are reasons why Devon might want a new start to a totally different life, Marcy knows, but that certainly doesn't mean she won't find her. Now she is on a mission in Ireland: to unravel clues leading to Devon. As she makes her plans, she shares a meal with Vic, which leads to sharing her story with him. Yet, when she heads back to Cork, she travels alone. This is something Marcy must do on her own.

After settling into a room in a bed and breakfast, Marcy returns to the pub. She finds Liam, the waiter who had been taking her order, when she spots her daughter. When she shows Devon's photograph to him, a waitress notices. "She looks a bit like Audrey, don't she?" the woman asks, mentioning that the young lady she is speaking of is friends with the nanny of a local family and suggests Marcy talk to the nanny. While Marcy knows she must follow every clue, she is also afraid to scare off any friend of Devon's. After all, what if Devon doesn't want to be found?

As Marcy sleuths through Ireland, she learns much Irish lore and history. Author Joy Fielding paints a vivid atmosphere surrounding the driven Marcy. Fielding is in prime storyteller mode as she reels her audience in, depicting her heroine as slightly off-kilter and leading us to wonder (as does Marcy herself) if Marcy has seen her daughter or if she's mentally unbalanced. NOW YOU SEE HER is an intriguing and suspenseful tale that is likely to make readers squirm, even as they compulsively turn the next page.

Reviewed by Terry Miller Shannon ([email protected]) on March 28, 2011

Now You See Her
by Joy Fielding

  • Publication Date: January 31, 2012
  • Genres: Fiction, Mystery
  • Mass Market Paperback: 432 pages
  • Publisher: Pocket Star
  • ISBN-10: 141658532X
  • ISBN-13: 9781416585329