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Critical Praise

"My Son, John is a gripping story of unconditional love stretched beyond human limits. I couldn’t put it down! It’s just what every mother needs to read to put in perspective our frustrations with our children and find the strength to love them... no matter what."

—Bonnie St. John, author of How Strong Women Pray

"A novel about the worst kind of betrayal a mother can experience, My Son, John is an emotional journey through places no mother wants to go. I found myself choked up on numerous occasions as I imagined myself in the same situation and wondered how God could turn such tragedy into good. This gripping story shows the beauty and power of forgiveness and demonstrates a love that surpasses human understanding."

—Michelle Sutton, author of It’s Not About Me

"My Son, John is a powerful and compelling story about love, mercy, and the undeserved gift of grace. You’ll never forget this book!"

—Melanie Dobson, author of The Black Cloister

"My Son, John is the deeply moving story of one mother’s unswerving love for her son, and her journey to faith during incredibly difficult circumstances. The message of forgiveness and love is powerful, and you won’t be sorry you journeyed with Liz to the glorious resolution!"

—Virginia Smith, author of Sincerely, Mayla