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My Darling Husband


My Darling Husband

From Kimberly Belle, the bestselling author of DEAR WIFE and THE MARRIAGE LIE, comes a thriller that will have everyone who dares to read it checking every corner closely. It begins with a scene that for most people would be their worst nightmare. For the Lasky family, it’s the beginning of a terrifying downward spiral.

The Laskys reside in a posh, safe neighborhood. Because of that, it’s easy to forget that there are monsters in the world. Because of that, it’s easy to grow lax about locking doors. But they should have locked that one door. They really, really should have. Now it’s too late.

"...a thriller that will have everyone who dares to read it checking every corner closely.... Full of nonstop suspense, MY DARLING HUSBAND satisfies on so many levels."

Jade and Cam Lasky are living their dream life. They have two wonderful children, Beatrix and Baxter, aka the Bees; a beautiful home; expensive cars; and the best of everything. Jade’s days are filled with running Beatrix to her private violin lessons and keeping Baxter entertained. Cam, known as Atlanta’s Steak King, fills his days managing his restaurant empire. Sounds idyllic, right? But their perfect lives are about to be shattered because of that unlocked door.

That day, when Jade pulls the car into the garage, distracted by the kids, she doesn’t notice the gun-wielding masked man. Her protective mom instincts immediately kick in, but try as she might, she can’t see a way to escape. So for now, Jade follows the man’s instructions and hopes for him to make a mistake. What does he want anyway? Money, he claims, but the amount is odd, and the time limit is impossible. Does he expect Cam to fail?

This couldn’t have come at a worse time. Cam’s star restaurant has just suffered a catastrophic fire, and the insurance company doesn’t seem to be in any hurry to pay. Cam needs that money to meet the ransom demand. Recently his sources for cash have been drying up. As a matter of fact, he’s been draining them. And this man has given him so little time to put the funds together, Cam can’t afford to waste any of it. Why the absurd deadline? Give him another day or two and he can do it. But mere hours? It’s too tight. He’ll have to find another solution, even if it means trying the shadier ones. The ones that come with their own dire consequences. He can’t afford to worry about that now.

Told from alternating viewpoints, MY DARLING HUSBAND is a hotbed of secrets uncovered as the day plays out. What Jade thought was their ideal life turns out to have a different face altogether. Her husband has not been completely honest with her. Who is the man in the mask? He appears to know an awful lot about Cam and the entire family. But some of what he says can’t be true. Can it? If so, maybe Jade doesn’t really know her husband after all.

As the deadline approaches, the masked man reveals himself. His identity comes as a wild shock. The amazing revelations of the truth about those around the Laskys are stunning. Jade’s mind whirls, but saving her children is priority number one. As for Cam, he’s about to find out who his real friends are.

Full of nonstop suspense, MY DARLING HUSBAND satisfies on so many levels. Family secrets uncovered. The clever Bees playing into the resolution. Jade herself finding strengths she didn’t know she had. Cam facing his past sins. What we have here is a don’t-miss read.

Reviewed by Kate Ayers on March 11, 2022

My Darling Husband
by Kimberly Belle