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James Patterson, author of Mistress

Unable to control his racing thoughts, Ben is consumed by his obsessions --- especially Diana Hotchkiss, who Ben knows he can never have. When Diana is found dead outside her apartment, his infatuation drives him on a hunt to find out what happened to the love of his life. Ben soon discovers that the woman he pined for was hiding a shocking double life. And now someone is out to stop Ben from uncovering the truth about Diana's illicit affairs.

Week of March 10, 2014

Releases for the week of March 10th include SONGS OF WILLOW FROST by Jamie Ford, a powerful tale of two souls --- a boy with dreams for his future and a woman escaping her haunted past --- both seeking love, hope and forgiveness; DAMAGE CONTROL, Amber Dermont's debut collection of short stories focusing on privilege and entitlement; and ELEVEN DAYS, a haunting first novel from Lea Carpenter that reveals the profound bond between a mother and her son, as it raises fundamental questions about life choices, the military, war, and service to one’s country.