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James Frey, author of Katerina

KATERINA is a sweeping love story alternating between 1992 Paris and Los Angeles in 2018. At its center are a young writer and a young model on the verge of fame --- both reckless, impulsive, addicted and deeply in love. Twenty-five years later, the writer is rich, famous and numb, and he wants to drive his car into a tree, when he receives an anonymous message that draws him back to the life, and possibly the love, he abandoned years prior.

Week of July 15, 2019

Paperback releases for the week of July 15th include VOX by Christina Dalcher, the harrowing story of what one woman will do to protect herself and her daughter, set in a United States in which half the population has been silenced; JOHN WOMAN, a convention-defying novel in which Walter Mosley recounts the transformation of an unassuming boy named Cornelius Jones into John Woman, an unconventional history professor --- while the legacy of a hideous crime lurks in the shadows; UNEASY LIES THE CROWN, the 13th installment in Tasha Alexander's mystery series that finds Lady Emily and her husband Colin having to stop a serial killer whose sights may be set on the new king, Edward VII; and BABY TEETH, award-winning playwright and filmmaker Zoje Stage’s tense novel of psychological suspense about a battle of wills between mother and daughter that reveals the frailty and falsehood of familial bonds.