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Summer Reading 2013

Summer is here! At, this means it's time for us to share some great summer book picks with our Summer Reading Feature. While our series of 24-hour contests have ended, we encourage you to take a look at our 21 featured titles for some sizzling summer reading ideas.

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Week of May 6, 2013

BRING UP THE BODIES, winner of the 2012 Man Booker Prize, is the sequel to Hilary Mantel's WOLF HALL. Anne Boleyn has failed to give Henry a son, and her sharp intelligence and audacity will alienate his old friends and the noble families of England. When the discarded Katherine dies in exile from the court, Anne stands starkly exposed, the focus of gossip and malice. At a word from Henry, Thomas Cromwell is ready to bring her down.

Caroline Leavitt, author of Is This Tomorrow

In 1956, Ava Lark rents a house with her 12-year-old son, Lewis, in a desirable Boston suburb. Lewis yearns for his absent father, befriending the only other fatherless kids: Jimmy and Rose. One afternoon, Jimmy goes missing. Years later, when Lewis and Rose reunite to untangle the final pieces of the tragic puzzle, they must decide: Should you tell the truth even if it hurts those you love, or should some secrets remain buried?

Is This Tomorrow by Caroline Leavitt

June 2013

These days, divorce is fairly commonplace and so are fractured families, but this was not so in the 1950s when Caroline Leavitt’s book, IS THIS TOMORROW, is set. Families had a mom, dad and children --- and those whose families did not “conform” to this structure could feel like outsiders. Thus, when Ava Lark, the divorcee, meets Dot Rearson, the widow, and their children --- Ava’s Lewis and Dot’s Rose and Jimmy --- become fast friends, there is some solidity to their lives, though they are not like everyone else’s. Then Jimmy goes missing, and the fragile world that they have fabricated falls apart.

End-of-the-Year Contest 2013

Congratulations to the winners of our 2013 End-of-the-Year Contest! One Grand Prize winner received all 36 of Carol Fitzgerald's Bets On picks from 2013, while 36 others won a copy of one of these titles. You can see all the winners below, along with 2013's Bets On selections.