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In Plain Sight

USA Today bestselling author Tara Taylor Quinn is back with
IN PLAIN SIGHT, a heart-racing thriller about an Arizona prosecutor
who's working on the case of her life --- a case so dangerous, it
could cost her just that.

Janet (Jan) McNeil is a very dedicated individual. She's dedicated
to her job, protecting the good people of Arizona through her role
as state prosecutor. She's dedicated to her emotionally frail
mother and distant brother, and she desperately wants to be a
dedicated mother to Hailey, a young foster child who came into her
courtroom during her brief tenure in Family Court.

Trying to keep all these balls in the air is hard enough, not to
mention the fact that she's handling one of the state's most
controversial cases --- the trial of Jacob Hall, a member of the
white supremacist group, Ivory Nation. Hall is really just the tip
of the iceberg of crime and terrorism in the area; he's merely a
henchman for the group's charismatic leader, Bobby Donahue. By
pursuing this case, which she's been trying to form for years now,
Jan is leaving herself open (as well as her family) to unseen
dangers. No wonder she is plagued by horrible nightmares. And no
one knows more about this than her sympathetic neighbor, Simon

Simon works at home writing technical manuals, but his sharp
instincts tip his hand and reveal his past. He's harboring his own
secrets and more than his fair share of guilt over the death of his
twin brother. He's an ex-police officer who's recently been
recruited by an old colleague to covertly investigate reports of a
terrorist training camp in the area. As he gets closer to the
mastermind behind the whole operation, what he discovers can put
him right in the line of fire. Simon is also concerned for his
neighbor, and more than a little smitten with her. But even though
they've lived next door to each other for a few years now, he finds
it hard to make any headway with his fiercely independent

Jan works with her trusted colleague Andrew and a police detective
armed with a secret informant to help assemble the case against
Hall. One false move and years of work could be all in vain. As she
gets closer to nailing him, the threats against her grow more
dangerous. The timing of this case couldn't be more tenuous as she
is about to be given the green light to adopt young Hailey. Can she
really put this child in harm's way?

With IN PLAIN SIGHT, Tara Taylor Quinn delivers a riveting,
suspenseful story that leaves the reader breathless. Her characters
are well drawn and rich with detail, and the story crackles with
action tempered with a bit of romance. The issues throughout the
novel --- the idea of standing up for what's right at any cost,
good versus evil, the pervasiveness of violence in our society ---
are all thought provoking without being preachy.

Quinn is better known for her Shelter Valley romance series,
but this novel certainly will open her up to a new fan base.
Readers of Iris Johansen and Tess Gerritsen will devour this
intensely satisfying thriller.

In Plain Sight
by by Tara Taylor Quinn

  • Genres: Fiction
  • Mass Market Paperback: 384 pages
  • Publisher: Mira
  • ISBN-10: 0778323080
  • ISBN-13: 9780778323082