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I'll Be Watching You


I'll Be Watching You

Making friends is difficult for some while others jump eagerly into
each new friendship. Since I find myself in the former category, I
am always delighted when my risk pays off. Discovering a new author
can be much the same. While others have read and enjoyed New
York Times
bestselling author Andrea Kane, I had not yet made
her acquaintance. I am so glad I did because Romantic Suspense is
one of my favorite genres, and one can never have too many good
writers from which to choose.

I'LL BE WATCHING YOU begins with a brutal assault scene. It will
remain seared in your memory throughout the book, never letting you
forget the heinous nature of the enemy. Taylor Halstead is a
vibrant, caring psychologist who works with families and
adolescents during the day and hosts a call-in talk show in the
evening. She shares a Manhattan apartment with her cousin and best
friend, Stephanie. Taylor is beautiful, bright and self-sufficient,
until her cousin's boyfriend tries to rape her. The attack is
foiled when Stephanie arrives back to the building and buzzes the
bell from downstairs. Gordon Mallory, the attacker, leaves Taylor
bruised and handcuffed to the bed, warning her that he will be back
to finish what he started.

Though Taylor frees herself, it is too late to warn Stephanie, who
sets out for a weekend aboard a luxury party yacht with Gordon.
Before Taylor can recover from the attack, word reaches her that
there has been a horrible accident; the yacht has exploded and all
aboard have been killed. Taylor is grief stricken. Even the demise
of the evil Gordon does not compensate for the loss of her beloved

While dealing with her pain, Taylor begins to receive threatening
phone calls and emails from someone who has made her the object of
his obsessions. Suspense fans will not be misled but the author
uses clever techniques to keep this from being too simplistic, and
most readers will be kept guessing until the last quarter of the

The romantic component is provided by Jonathan Mallory, Gordon's
twin brother, who tries to convince Taylor that he is not like his
sibling --- that he would love and appreciate a woman like her ---
and by Reed Weston, a successful attorney who takes an immediate
protective approach, although being Taylor's big brother is not his
ultimate goal.

I'LL BE WATCHING YOU has all the ingredients you could hope for in
a Romantic Suspense novel, and Andrea Kane has gained a new

I'll Be Watching You
by Andrea Kane

  • Publication Date: January 18, 2005
  • Genres: Fiction
  • Hardcover: 352 pages
  • Publisher: William Morrow
  • ISBN-10: 0060741309
  • ISBN-13: 9780060741303