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Critical Praise

“Vivid, vital, and visceral, Hild’s history reads like a thriller.”
    — Val McDermid

“The novel resonates to many of the same chords as BEOWULF, the legends of King Arthur, The Lord of the Rings, and Game of Thrones --- to the extent that HILD begins to feel like the classic on which those books are based.”
    — Neal Stephenson

“Nicola Griffith is an awe-inspiring visionary, and I am telling everyone to snatch this book up. HILD is not just one of the best historical novels I have ever read --- I think it’s one of the best novels, period. It sings with pitch-perfect emotional resonance, and I damn well believe in this woman and everyone she engages. I finished the book full of gratitude that it exists, and longing for more.”
    — Dorothy Allison

“What a fabulous book! HILD has all the joys of historical fiction --- transportation into a strange, finely detailed world --- along with complex characters and a beautiful evocation of the natural world. But the tensions of the gathering plot make HILD feel like a quick read --- too quick! I fell into this world completely and was sorry to come out.”
    — Karen Joy Fowler