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Firstborn: A Progeny Novel


Firstborn: A Progeny Novel

Following 2016’s THE PROGENY, New York Times bestselling author Tosca Lee releases the integral sequel that resolves questions about fictional issues of real-life “Blood Countess Elizabeth Báthory, the most prolific female serial killer of all time.” Known as Progeny, those descendants can control thoughts of common humans and “persuade” them to do Progeny bidding.

In a yin-yang counterbalance, scions of Báthory’s victims are known as…uh, Scion. Elite Scion members (led by the Historian) are called Hunters, charged with expunging Progeny. At each death, Hunters can “harvest” Progeny memories, an internet of sorts that links all Báthory legacy and will help Scion to annihilate the arch enemies. Suave and buff Luka is the Hunter assigned to off Audra Ellison, the most powerful Progeny member.

"The series analogizes the holistic struggle of good and evil, and how opposing sides can come together --- sort of a 'Romeo and Juliet' tale portrayed in a paranormal thriller."

A few months before, in the States, Audra faked her death and intentionally had her memory erased in a clinical procedure to throw Hunters off her trail. But for what purpose? Now she is in the Old World and lands in more European countries than a Lufthansa pilot.

Elements of Audra’s memory return. She learns that Luka is actually her protector and husband, who has been captured by the Historian. And Audra discovers why she chose memory eradication: to protect someone in this conclusion to the Descendants of the House of Báthory series. But just who is the title character?

Costumed Progeny youth dance their lives away at frenetic Mardi Gras-like galas. Meanwhile, Audra tries to destroy the Historian, before that unidentified being obliterates her, torturing Luka as a means to lure the Progeny monarch. Amongst the three dozen characters who often confuse the inattentive reader, Claudia, Piotrek, computer whiz Jester and heretic monk Roland swarm around Audra, to protect the queen bee. A key cause for needed protection is Báthory’s rumored diary that may trace Progeny genealogy.

The series analogizes the holistic struggle of good and evil, and how opposing sides can come together --- sort of a “Romeo and Juliet” tale portrayed in a paranormal thriller. In Shakespeare’s iconic tragedy, the Capulet and Montague families have feuded for so long they’ve forgotten why. Only after the deaths of the title characters do the factions make nice with each other. FIRSTBORN is not a tragedy; it’s a surprisingly upbeat conclusion to the series. Tosca Lee fans will be thrilled to learn that this book has been optioned for film production.

Reviewed by L. Dean Murphy on May 5, 2017

Firstborn: A Progeny Novel
by Tosca Lee