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Critical Praise

"With an exquisite sense of drama and mystery, Haigh delivers a taut, well-crafted tale that potently but subtly explores myriad gray areas within essential issues of truth and trust, punishment and absolution. Indelibly rendered characters, suspenseful pacing, and fearless but sensitive handling of a controversial subject will make this a must-read for book discussion groups."

Booklist (starred review)

"The narrative is emotionally involving and ethically concise, reminding us that things are not always as they seem and that we must consider carefully how we judge others. Most fiction readers will want."

Library Journal

"Ms. Haigh --- through sleight of hand, a compelling array of characters and top-flight writing --- is remarkably successful in making us want to read on. Faith is so emotionally rich, and its story so deftly delivered, that we’re absorbed…. Engrossing."

Wall Street Journal

"Expertly wrought…. Ms. Haigh, a subtle, serious novelist who happens to have a flair for capturing troubled family dynamics, never allows Faith to become predictable. And her book, while gripping, isn’t really summer reading. It’s a substantial novel that happens to arrive in time for summer."

New York Times

"Haigh brings a refreshing degree of humanity to a story you think you know well, and in chapters both riveting and profound, she catches the avalanche of guilt this tragedy unleashes in one devout family…. Faith certainly isn’t a thriller in any conventional sense, but it’s an incredibly suspenseful novel."

Washington Post