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Eyes on You


Eyes on You

Kate White is the former editor of Cosmopolitan magazine and the author of numerous mysteries and thrillers. In EYES ON YOU, she tells the story of Robin Trainer, the female half of a cable TV show called “The Pulse.” Since she joined the male host of the program, ratings are rising at a rapid rate. In addition, while she was going through adjusting to being fired from her former TV gig and the break-up of her marriage, she used that time away from the limelight to write a book, The 7 Secrets Women Keep. EYES ON YOU opens at a book party thrown by one of her friends.

The suspense builds when it becomes clear that Robin is in the crosshairs of someone who hates her to the point of wanting her dead. In her evening bag, someone wrote on the cards she was going to use while giving her speech: "You evil little bitch. You'll get yours." Clearly this was done by someone at the festivities. Who could be so cruel? Robin tries to take it in stride, but this is a tightly woven mystery in which strange and harmful things begin happening regularly: the photo on the back of the book jacket is sliced and torn; a Barbie doll made to look like Robin is left on her office chair with its eyes gouged out; the makeup for her show is doused with acid; and a chocolate brownie baked with a murderous amount of sleeping medication forces her off the air during the show.

"The suspense builds when it becomes clear that Robin is in the crosshairs of someone who hates her to the point of wanting her dead."

Robin knows at least one person who hates her. She is the top talking head at the station and has made it clear that she has no reign on what she will do to anyone who appears to threaten her, especially since her ratings are slowly falling. Her name is Vicky Cruz (nicknamed "the Cruz missile"), and she is like a shark silently sneaking up on its prey.

As happens in any workplace, the media being one of the biggest outlets, Robin falls for the wrong guy. He takes advantage of her and leaves her in the lurch. When she goes to the owner of the station to tell him about what is happening to her, he is not sympathetic and admonishes her to put a hold on her ambitions and to remember that not everything is about her.

Then, suddenly, the rug is pulled out from under her when the tables are turned, and she is blamed for everything that is happening. Readers will be as surprised as Robin with this about-face in the storyline. For some reason, it’s easier for the members of her team to convince themselves that she is responsible rather than consider the chilling possibility of the existence of another suspect.

In an interview, Kate White said, "I definitely borrowed certain aspects [of a workplace] --- like the pressure and stress work can often generate, as well as some of the office politics." And while "running a magazine...there were times when I definitely felt under the gun. As far as I know, however, a co-worker never plotted to murder me --- though they may have briefly entertained the fantasy." When questioned about her stand-alone novels and her series starring Bailey Weggins, she says that she loves writing both kinds of books. She is now working on a project that will be released in 2015, which I’m sure fans will be eager to learn more about in the months leading up to its publication.

Reviewed by Barbara Lipkien Gershenbaum on June 27, 2014

Eyes on You
by Kate White