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About the Book

About the Book

Eye of the Wolf

Following last year's bestseller, WIFE OF MOON, Margaret once again blends Arapaho
history into present-day homicides that threaten to destroy the
Wind River Reservation and put Father John and Vicky to their
toughest and most dangerous test yet.

This is for the Indian Priest.

This cryptic message was clearly meant for Father O'Malley. The
unemotional voice on the answering machine--speaking of revenge
against old enemies--wanted O'Malley to visit the site of the Bates
Battle. In 1874, Shoshone warriors led Captain Alfred Bates's
cavalry to Arapaho tribal grounds, and nearly everyone living there
was massacred. As a nation, the Arapaho were finished, but their
people survived. Now, someone has left three dead Shoshones on the
old battlefield, positioned to mimic the bodies of those Arapaho
killed in the historic slaughter.

Vicky Holden's latest client, Frankie Montana, is a less than
sterling character who's a frequent guest of the reservation
holding cells. After a heated encounter with the three Shoshones,
Frankie has become the number one suspect in their deaths. Despite
his faults, Vicky doesn't believe he's capable of murder. Someone
is trying to stir up a war between the Arapaho and Shoshone
people--and tear open the painful wounds of the past once

© Copyright 2005 by Berkley, an imprint of Penguin Group

Eye of the Wolf
by Margaret Coel

  • Publication Date: September 5, 2006
  • Genres: Fiction, Mystery
  • Paperback: 336 pages
  • Publisher: Berkley
  • ISBN-10: 0425208095
  • ISBN-13: 9780425208090