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Critical Praise

"...Tsukiyama blossoms with an intimate portrait of a mother and her dying daughter."

——Kirkus Reviews

"Tsukiyama has a wonderful ability to elicit delicate atmospherics; in particular, she uses the sense of touch to stunning effect."

——Publishers Weekly

"Tsukiyama creates a bond between Cate and Hana that mothers and daughters will know as almost a physical need, so deeply entwined are they in each other's lives. They anticipate each other's pain; one will unexpectedly laugh or suddenly cry, and the other one responds in kind. The reader, too, laughs and aches under the spell of such graceful writing."

——USA Today

"Beautifully written, effused with both sadness and hope, Tsukiyama's novel cannot fail to move readers."

——Booklist (Starred Review)