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Critical Praise

“Walter Walker combines an experienced attorney’s sense of our flawed criminal justice system with a natural storyteller’s gift. CRIME OF PRIVILEGE is a twisting, engrossing, irresistible detective story."
   — William Landay, author of DEFENDING JACOB
“CRIME OF PRIVILEGE is not only a first-class legal thriller, it is an astute examination of our society and how we are corrupted by power and money. The rich are indeed different; they get away with murder. An absolutely engrossing read from beginning to end. Not only is it a well told story of crime and punishment, but also a finely nuanced tale of sin and redemption.”
   — Nelson DeMille
“CRIME OF PRIVILEGE is wonderfully written, and Walter Walker has a great talent, the God-given kind that can’t be taught or learned or acquired, and the reader knows it from the first paragraph of the book. The characters are complex and interesting yet also emblematic of all the players in the class war, which is the stuff of all epic stories. I love the protagonist, and I also love the portrayal of the world of the very rich. There is something about the very rich that is hard to describe, but Walter Walker got them in the camera’s lens perfectly.”
   — James Lee Burke
“A gripping, chilling tale that pits privilege against pride, with a not-entirely-innocent man caught in the untenable middle."
   — Chris Pavone, New York Times bestselling author of THE EXPATS