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Call the Dark


Call the Dark

Fifteen-year-old Luna escapes a plane crash in the middle of the mountains in West Virginia, along with another passenger who leaves the scene. Luna is discovered by Maggie Roby, who is on the run from the law. Maggie has plans to start a new life for herself; all she has to do is make it to the other side of the mountain, where she has stashed everything she needs to start over. The last thing she needs is to be burdened by anyone or anything. But something draws her to Luna, who looks so helpless and vulnerable.

"CALL THE DARK will appeal to anyone who is interested in science fiction and psychological thrillers or is just looking for a good story."

Maggie and Luna find their way to Walton Landry’s place. Landry is a former sheriff who built a cabin so deep in the woods that most people can’t find it, and he likes it that way. He just wants to be left in peace, especially now that he is widowed and his son is presumed dead, a victim of the treacherous mountains. When Maggie and Luna show up at his door, it changes everything for all parties involved.

Meanwhile, a dead body is found behind a business in the sleepy mountain town of Pullen, West Virginia, a few short miles from the crash site. A person of interest in the incident, someone who rented a motel room there, has gone missing. The local sheriff gets called out to investigate in the middle of an oncoming snowstorm.

Maggie is being tracked by powerful people who want to recover money that she and her late husband stole. Luna is also being pursued by those who want to use her special powers. Due to years of “therapy,” which was really biological experimentation, Luna has the ability to “call the dark,” an usual way to get inside the minds of others and read and manipulate their thoughts. She can heal people, but she also can kill them with her mind. There are no good guys looking for her --- only bad ones.

J. Todd Scott addresses a number of issues that are relevant to today's world: biological meddling, cryptocurrency, embezzlement, PTSD and mental illness. The book is written from multiple points of view, giving readers insight into the thoughts and actions of the characters, all of whom are varied and well-developed. The pace is brisk with chapters of varying lengths, some only a page or two. CALL THE DARK will appeal to anyone who is interested in science fiction and psychological thrillers or is just looking for a good story.

Reviewed by Christine M. Irvin on October 13, 2023

Call the Dark
by J. Todd Scott