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Lauren Beukes’ new thriller features a protagonist who has the uncanny ability to build her own bridge to different points in time. It’s also about mothers and daughters and the often complex relationship that develops between them.

Beukes is a dynamic writer who excels in many genres. Her most successful work is THE SHINING GIRLS, which Apple TV+ turned into an outstanding series in 2022. She uses the concepts of time and time travel once again in BRIDGE, which proves to be a very effective plot device.

"BRIDGE is an exciting and challenging story as only Lauren Beukes can tell it."

At the start of the novel, 24-year-old Bridge is clearing out the house of her estranged mother, who has died unexpectedly. Bridge is shrewd enough to recognize that Jo, who was a neuroscientist, created something quite amazing: the “dreamworm,” which gives one the ability to travel through a variety of existences and time periods. This would explain Bridge’s childhood memories of bizarre adventures, as well as Jo’s delusions and erratic behavior, which negatively impacted their relationship.

Bridge is determined to find the dreamworm and discover the answers for herself --- at any cost. She also learns that when you time travel via the dreamworm, you do not keep your own identity. Instead, you are body-riding within the shell of other people, which makes for quite an unpredictable experience.

One of these realities includes a serial killer, and more than one feature individuals who are also in hot pursuit of the dreamworm. Beukes places this extra bit of tension within her narrative, which makes every single time jump that much more intense and adventurous.

The result is a tale that involves not only a myriad of different lives but also various international locations, providing a unique flavor to the novel. BRIDGE is an exciting and challenging story as only Lauren Beukes can tell it.

Reviewed by Ray Palen on September 9, 2023

by Lauren Beukes