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Break No Bones


Break No Bones

This is my first Kathy Reichs novel, and now I wonder why I waited
so long! Temperance Brennan is a sound, believable character with
flaws, emotion, and a great sense of humor. "I abhorred Dupree's
position. His goal was money, earned by any means that wouldn't get
him indicted. Screw the rain forest, the wetlands, the seashore,
the dunes, the culture that was here when the English arrived.
Dickie Dupree would implode the Temple of Artemis if it stood where
he wanted to slap up condos."

Tempe Brennan, a feisty anthropologist working with the University
of North Carolina at Charlotte, is summoned to assist with an
archaeological field school on Dewees, a barrier island north of
Charleston, South Carolina. This was to be a pleasurable venture,
as well as a return to familiar territory for Tempe. When a body is
found in a makeshift grave during their dig, the story is off and
running. As the body count grows, certain elements of each death
are similar and start telling a story much deeper and more
mysterious than originally surmised.

When scalpel marks are found on bones from each of the victims, and
vital tissues and organs are discovered to have been removed, the
plot really takes off. Who could have done this? The causes of
death are all unique. As local suspects are identified, and one by
one dismissed from consideration, the reader must look beneath the
surface information and seek out yet another probable suspect. What
role does the free clinic play in all of this? Several paths lead
to their door. Is the charismatic televangelist involved? We keep
asking why. Who could gain from the deaths of homeless

Kathy Reichs, a forensic anthropologist for the province of Quebec,
shows her expertise through her protagonist. Her ninth book
featuring Tempe Brennan provides international intrigue,
friendship, a spot of romance, and perfect pace. The plot moves
steadily as well as logically, while allowing the reader to absorb
the critical elements as they're exposed. A creative, smart and fun
whodunit, this book is sure to be a favorite among fans of "CSI,"
"Bones," "Crossing Jordan," and "Forensic Files." One of only 56
certified United States forensic anthropologists, she knows her

Reichs has included the skills, technology and terminology that her
readers have come to expect from her expertise in the
anthropological and forensic fields of science. BREAK NO BONES will
charm you, as well as challenge you.


Reviewed by Margaret Fletcher on December 23, 2010

Break No Bones
by Kathy Reichs

  • Publication Date: August 21, 2007
  • Genres: Fiction, Thriller
  • Paperback: 480 pages
  • Publisher: Pocket
  • ISBN-10: 0743453034
  • ISBN-13: 9780743453035