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An Uncommon Grace

About the Book

An Uncommon Grace

When Amishman Levi Troyer's mother is assaulted, his "Englisch" neighbor saves her life, challenges Levi's faith, and entices him to forbidden love.

Grace Connor, a military nurse formerly stationed in Afghanistan, hopes that moving to a farm in rural Ohio will help her recover from the ravages of war.  

Levi Troyer finds his pacifist beliefs challenged when he discovers his stepfather has been killed and his mother wounded by unknown intruders. Grace comes to the rescue, saves his mother’s life, and becomes a friend of the family. Levi and Grace are deeply attracted to one another, and Grace finds herself falling in love, though she knows a relationship between them is forbidden. 

Even before meeting Grace, Levi had begun to question some of the teachings of his ultra-conservative Amish sect. He has considered leaving, but knows he will be banned forever from having contact with his younger siblings and widowed mother --- who need him to survive. He is torn between his love for Grace and his responsibility to his family.

Grace is struggling with trying to figure out how to live her life without the man she has grown to love. Levi must confront the Bann he faces if he pursues Grace. And a murderer must be caught. Will love and justice prevail?

An Uncommon Grace
by Serena B. Miller