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A.D. 33


A.D. 33

Maviah, an Arabian woman, has experienced pain, suffering, derision and shame. Her devastating life experiences were dictated by those around her, including her powerful sheik father and her lowest-caste desert mother; Egypt, which made her a slave; and her half-brother Maliku, who betrayed their father so that the warlike Thamud tribe could take over their kingdom.

Commanded by her father, Maviah travels to King Herod in nearby Galilee to entreat him for help from Rome, which covets the spice trades of Arabia. But instead of talking to Roman authorities, Maviah meets Yeshua. The shame and captivity that have defined her life are swept away and replaced with peace, joy and deliverance. She even defeats Maliku in the arena of the stone city of Petra. The shamed and powerless Bedouin woman emerges from the arena as Maviah, Queen of the Outcasts.

This new queen returns to the sands of Arabia, to share the Way of Yeshua with the tribes and the orphans of the desert. Along with her protector, the warrior Saba, she visits each clan to share this way of peace, hoping to replace the tribes’ ways of war and bloodshed with it. She takes in orphans and becomes a mother to them, and builds relationships with the sheikhs of each tribe. It takes two long years, but finally she wins over the male-led clans and consolidates them. She has a beloved prisoner to rescue, Judah, and an opponent to stare down: Kahil, the murderer of the Thamud tribe.

"Maviah’s story of heartbreak and loss, faith and belief, will captivate readers from the first page of A.D. 33 to the very last.... You’ll be enthralled and deeply encouraged yourself."

But Maviah has learned another manner of warfare. Desiring to walk in Yeshua’s way of peace, she has led the Bedus to lay down their swords before they approach the powerful Thamuds in their stronghold. Although this has never been their way, the sheikhs agree. The stronghold, Dumah, is approached by the Bedu men, women and children, led by Maviah. And the Thamuds, seeing the multitude, march out to meet them. 

The Thamuds agree to hand over Judah, along with some food, animals and coin, if Maviah and her thousands will only leave their desert kingdom. Maviah agrees. However, rescued Judah is not interested in the peace that Maviah and her sheiks have pursued. Although Saba and Maviah seek to dissuade him from violence, telling him that Yeshua’s Way is to forgive, release offenses and turn the other cheek, he is not persuaded. Departing in the night, he sets off to avenge himself against Kahil and his former captors.

Judah’s impetuous decision sets off a chain reaction of kidnapping, imprisonment and threats of violence and death. There is now only one person Maviah believes will be able to help her and rescue those closest to her: Yeshua, whose teachings and acceptance transformed her life. So Maviah and Saba journey to Israel, seeking the help of the king whose kingdom is not of this world.

The pair arrive near Jerusalem and join the group of those closest to Yeshua: Mary, Martha, and Lazarus, who has an incredible story of life from death. Finally, Maviah encounters her only hope: Yeshua. What Maviah doesn’t know is that this is the week of the Passover. The one in whom she has placed her hope is about to die, crucified by the Romans as a criminal. How will she ever believe in Yeshua’s Way again? And how will she ever save her people?

Maviah’s story of heartbreak and loss, faith and belief, will captivate readers from the first page of A.D. 33 to the very last. Ted Dekker’s story of a desert queen who is deeply involved in the last days of Yeshua, meeting not only the Promised One but also his closest companions, unfolds the drama we’ve all wished we could’ve seen in person. Read this book, and don’t miss Dekker’s foreword. You’ll be enthralled and deeply encouraged yourself.

Reviewed by Melanie Reynolds on October 9, 2015

A.D. 33
by Ted Dekker

  • Publication Date: April 5, 2016
  • Genres: Fiction, Historical Fiction
  • Paperback: 384 pages
  • Publisher: Center Street
  • ISBN-10: 1455535141
  • ISBN-13: 9781455535149