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Readers' Comments for Tell No Lies

In August, a select group of readers who participated in one of our contests won copies of TELL NO LIES by Gregg Hurwitz. The author’s most recent stand-alone thriller, TELL NO LIES features Daniel Brasher, who, after receiving a series of anonymous threats meant for others, finds himself and his loved ones unexpectedly on the radar of a relentless serial killer. Take a look at some of the readers' comments to give you more insight into this heart-pounding story --- and be sure to watch out for SPOILERS!

I just finished TELL NO LIES by Gregg Hurwitz and couldn't wait to tell you how much I enjoyed it. As I told my father (who is a huge fan of suspense novels) when I recommended it to him, TELL NO LIES has everything I look for in a thriller: great writing; fast-paced plot; and so many twists and turns, I couldn't put it down. I made the mistake of starting it before bed one night, and stayed up way later than I planned to --- it's so engrossing! TELL NO LIES is the best suspense novel I've read all year!

I’m a reader with eclectic tastes, although books in the “Suspense/Thriller” and psychodrama category are usually on my least-read list. However, TELL NO LIES by Gregg Hurwitz is one that could easily make me change the equation. I found the plot compelling and the twists unpredictable yet realistic. The book sped along and made for a very quick read on a rainy weekend --- although I had plenty of tasks to do around the house, I found myself sneaking away throughout the day to read “just one more chapter.” The characters in the story were sympathetic (finally, a married couple drawn more together in the face of adversity and, for the most part, working with each other throughout the novel, and I loved the main detective), well drawn, and well developed. The setting itself --- San Francisco --- serves as a character in and of itself --- I know the city well and felt like I was racing through the streets of San Francisco right along with Daniel and seeing everything through his eyes. I’ll bring this book along with me on my next trip there to take advantage of the restaurant recommendations and history/cultural lessons.

I received TELL NO LIES by Gregg Hurwitz in September. I gave it to my husband, Don, to read, as he likes Grisham, Richard North Patterson, Nelson DeMille and other suspense/thriller authors. He has read LAST SHOT, TROUBLE SHOOTER and THE KILL CLAUSE by Hurwitz.

I started reading the book before Don finished. And, we traded off. Finally, last night I claimed it and finished it this morning. Wow! A real page-turner! There should be a warning on the cover that says, "Do not begin reading this book unless you have a couple of days to devote to it."

First, I loved roaming around San Francisco. Each of my sons lived there for a few years and we enjoyed our visits. We have stayed at The Francis Drake and had brunch at the Top of the Mark. We've eaten in Chinatown, of course. I recognized various streets and communities and enjoyed visiting them with the characters.

Second, Daniel and Cris were well-developed characters. The author kept adding layers to their personalities. Because Daniel has psychological sessions with six of the "minor" characters, their quirks, their looks and characteristics define them so the reader knows them. Dooley, a SFPD detective, is important to the story but not a major personality. Daniel's very wealthy, very pampered mother adds a bit of comic relief to the suspense.

Finally, the plot is riveting. There are letters predicting the murders left in an "Out" box that spills into Daniel's mailbox at his department. One murder has already occurred. Daniel speeds off to prevent another, and another, as the suspect list grows and the criminal intent begins to focus on Daniel, who cannot imagine what he might have done to be targeted. I found myself speed-reading when I really wanted to enjoy the ride around San Francisco and the twisting, turning plot. Even when I was sure the book was going to end, I knew it couldn't because there were still chapters to read. I resisted the temptation to look at the end. Great fun!

As soon as Don finishes, I will share the book with a friend who likes the thriller/suspense genre. I definitely want my sons to read it. And, I will certainly "like" it on Facebook.

Just wanted to let you know I received my copy of TELL NO LIES by Gregg Hurwitz this week, and it was every bit as good as I expected! I am looking forward to sharing it with my book club this month. I had read about TELL NO LIES on your website and thought it sounded like a good premise for a suspense novel, and my expectations were more than met. I was really excited when I received the email telling me I had won a copy. 

I started it two days ago and could NOT put it down until I was finished. Loved the fact that there were so many twists in the story, and that the suspense kept up even at the end. I loved the portrayal of Daniel's mother --- what a great character! 

I would highly recommend it to anyone who likes a good mystery/suspense novel, and would love to see it made into a movie. 

I've read this author before and have always enjoyed his writing. I especially liked that TELL NO LIES was set in San Francisco, which is one of my favorite cities. I feel that Mr. Hurwitz puts a lot of detail into his books and weaves the storylines and the characters together very skillfully. He keeps you guessing till the end --- will the main character be able to figure out where the threats are coming from in time??? I would recommend this book and plan on doing so to the book club I run when we choose our new selections after the first of the year.

After reading THE SURVIVOR last month, rating it five stars and putting it on my Top Ten Best Books of 2013 list, I had enormous expectations for this book from Mr. Hurwitz. On the whole, it lived up to them, but didn't quite grab me by the throat, so to speak, as THE SURVIVOR did. However, it seems the author is on a roll and hopefully many more exciting suspense books are coming in the future from him. I did read THEY’RE WATCHING about a year ago, and remembered it as being good but not being blown away by it, so when reading THE SURVIVOR I didn't have the expectations I had reading this one. There is nothing wrong with the author's plot, nor his writing style, here. It was just a case of not connecting on a deep level with the main character, Daniel, and his wife Cristina. But the unique storyline shows once again how creative Gregg Hurwitz can be. 

The setting is the gritty underbelly of San Francisco, showcasing crime, poverty and the us vs. them of the wealthy who are perched on the hills in their elegant homes against a backdrop of minorities and illegal immigrants living in squalor. The author was born there, so I imagine he knows of what he speaks, but I prefer to think of San Francisco as a great place to live in or visit. His rendition of the city is depressing, and the subplot concerning Daniel's wealthy roots vs. Cristina's poor upbringing didn't add to the suspenseful mix. All in all, though, I thoroughly enjoyed this book, kept the pages turning fast and furious and was curious about the outcome. For me, a worthwhile and intense read, but not my favorite from the author. Still, I recommend it and give it a solid four stars.

I would recommend this book to readers of: suspense, thrillers, psychological thrillers and urban noir stories. I gave it four out of five stars, and though my review might have came across as tough on the author, I actually enjoyed it very much and kept turning the pages! Thank you for sharing it with me.

TELL NO LIES was excellent --- suspenseful and taut. Hurwitz's writing kept the story simple to follow, but rich in details. The observations of life (and food and neighborhoods) in San Francisco made me feel like an insider. The mystery whodunit was very good, but what makes this book stand out are the San Francisco background details and insights.

I would recommend this book to mystery buffs who are interested in the lore of San Francisco. I would describe the book as a book that kept me turning pages because I was never sure  "who did it." There were twists and turns and the author was always one step ahead of this amateur sleuth.

I finally got around to reading TELL NO LIES by Gregg Hurwitz. I wish I had gotten to it earlier!! I had not read any books previously written by this author, but that will change after reading this book! I really enjoy a good thriller, and this book goes to the top of my list for thrilling. I have already passed the book on to my son-in-law, who is also an action thriller fan.

I found TELL NO LIES to be a rare find. The book is about many subjects that are familiar, like a murderer/slasher, as well as unlikely and unconnected victims. There is a good police force, with a combination of a female detective, Theresa Dooley, and a mysterious hired-by-his-mom-rich-woman bodyguard, Leo. Daniel’s mom is a wonderfully complex character. She was spoiled as a child, and then married to a guy, bringing him HER MONEY. She is the total, in control "Mom from Hell!" Our lead character, Daniel, basically walked away from his mom, so she disinherited him like a wayward son. He still visits and she is condescendingly humorous and continually calls his wife any other name except the right one, Cris. 

The most impactful part of this murder mystery is the group that Daniel runs as a councilor. The group is filled with people of all makes and models who have been told they have to "go to meetings" as a part of their court obligations. Some are female, some are male and the street vibe is a real "holla atcha thang." 

Along the way, Daniel learns from all of the above, and I learned while he did. Many novels go to the last 1/8 of the book and tie it all up in a neat knot so you are tempted to put it down or skim the fluff. DON'T, ‘cause just when you think it's over, it ain't!!! The "Fat Lady" comes out singing again and the book closes with a last minute page turning festival!!! Good stuff!!!

I found this book to be a pleasant read. It was very well written with an interesting plotline. However, it was not an "I can't put this book down" kind of read. The characters were well fleshed out, and my favorites were Dooley and X.

I would recommend this book to my father and a few friends who enjoy murder mysteries as much as I do.

I just finished TELL NO LIES by Gregg Hurwitz, and the ending kept me guessing. I have to say the beginning of the book seemed a little slow but by the time I was halfway through, I really wanted to keep on reading. I think his writing is very descriptive. I will pass this book on to another member of my book club.

I was surprised at how dark and gritty TELL NO LIES was. Daniel’s clients are criminal offenders who are taking counseling as an alternative to time in jail. Daniel’s mother has never been supportive and seems to be more offensive than usual --- for example, she can never “remember” what Daniel’s wife’s name is. Then Daniel starts getting seemingly misdirected letters in his work mailbox threatening murder. It gets a little much when it seems like Daniel can do more than the police in getting to crime scenes and finding bodies and clues.

I did not like this book. I would recommend it to someone who likes chilling stories of murder and mayhem.