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Palisades Park

Women's Fiction Author Spotlight

Palisades Park

Growing up in the 1930s, there is no more magical place than Palisades Amusement Park in New Jersey --- especially for seven-year-old Antoinette (nicknamed “Toni”) and her brother, Jack. However, both their father and Jack face the dangers of war, while their mother has ambitions of her own --- and Toni is determined to take on a very different kind of danger in impossible feats as a high diver. Yet they are all drawn back to each other --- and to Palisades Park --- until the park closes forever in 1971.

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Palisades Park
by Alan Brennert


The 25 winners for the PALISADES PARK contest:

Aimee from Colorado, CO
Alyce from New Jersey, NJ
Cain from Pennsylvania, PA
Cathey from Pennsylvania, PA
Cathy from New Hampshire, NH
Charlene from Virginia, VA
Claudette from Connecticut, CT
Diane from Michigan, MI
Diane from New York, NY
Eleanor from New Jersey, NJ
Jackie from Illinois, IL
Jean from Wisconsin, WI
Joan from Maine, ME
Joy from Arizona, AZ
Karen from Illinois, IL
Laura from Ohio, OH
Linda from Louisiana, LA
Mimi from Connecticut, CT
Nanette from New Jersey, NJ
Nikki from Pennsylvania, PA
Peter from New Jersey, NJ
Ruby from Illinois, IL
Sandra from Pennsylvania, PA
Shirley from Michigan, MI
Stacey from New Jersey, NJ